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1 - Is that really something to be bragging about? Tho, some statistics would be interesting.

2 - That system really is not meant for this game, Survived By had a similar system since if you die you have to start over with another char and it shows like a family tree and you also had the chance to keep some traits you earned on the dead char.

And keeping track of things that are irrelevant to the current char being used is just more space being used in the server database.

3 - Sound's like you are suggesting a Reputation System (same used on Grim Dawn) where you can be hated by certain factions after a number of things done and a sort of EXP bar for reputation shows it.

Honestly, if it won't reward anything or provide some extra challenger, why not just put in the form of Heroic Deeds, as you said, kill X number of a faction enemy and receive the title.