Character stuck and unable to do any missions


I'm playing a tech priest at the moment, and just finished the mission where you fight off the Aeldari on the Martyr and gain control of the Alpha Pariah. The other inquisitor from Hereticus mentioned sending me off to help somewhere else while they were busy on the Martyr, but now I'm at a screen looking at a space station surrounded by asteroids, and can do literally nothing but look at inventory/character page etc.   L2, R2, X, etc. do nothing, cannot open any mission

PSN user name: Ultenth

PS5 Ultimate edition, upgraded from PS4 upgrade edition.

Character is a Techpriest named Splin.

EDIT: I noticed on my character that is my main "Parlan" they also have a bugged mission. In the Chaos Undivided DLC, I have been able to complete "The Enemy Below" quest, and then also "Harbingers of Hate", but I show Viper's Nest uncompleted, and it shows up as the only available investigation at the top on the Mission Deployment screen. But when I click L2 to go to that screen, no missions for Viper's Nest" show as available, nor when I visit the mentioned "Dagnor Primaris" planet directly.  It seems I cannot continue with this quest line on this character as this is broken.   

Really enjoying this game, and even was willing to pay for the PS5 upgrade to play it again, would really like to have all these bugs fixed. 

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Character stuck and unable to do any missions
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72 days ago
Thank you!
72 days ago
The problem of your Crusader was fixed but the issue affecting your TA is a little more complex. I forwarded the problem to the developer team, they will handle it within a few business days. Your patience is kindly asked until then.