Cannot Log in


Hi. I just bought this game for the full price, and it wont even let me log in. It says Cannot connect to Neocore servers, please try again later. WTF? I bought the game and now can't even play it? Please suggest a fix.

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Cannot Log in
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357 days ago
OK so I am able to get into the game now. Thanks! Will I have to use this new windows profile to play the game or is there a way to now activate it on my regular profile? 
358 days ago
Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, I am playing on PC. I am currently using a user profile with admin rights, but I will create a new one when I get back home from work and let you know how it works out. 
358 days ago
May we ask are you playing on PC? 

In that case please create a new Windows user with admin rights and check if that helps you log in.