Can we have tooltips for console?


Hi all,

I'm wondering if it would be possible to get tooltips for the console.
On the pc you can hover with the mouse (and even controller) on many menu items, character stats etc.. to get tooltips.

I remember this discussion where @BOROGOVE‍ mentioned the tooltips a couple of times and I feel we're missing some information on consoles that is available on PC.

E.g.: the hard and soft caps on the character pages.

I'm wondering if there could be some toggle implemented for consoles where if you activate it, you can browse all the stats etc... in the character menu's and get the same tooltips as you'd get on PC.

I don't feel this is something major, but in my personal opionion, I would feel it can add more depth to all the different ways to build your character and maybe we'd even learn a couple of things that weren't fully clear before.


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Can we have tooltips for console?
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1 year 287 days ago
Indeed, it works.

Somehow I must have completely missed this.

My apologies, I should've been more thorough.
Thx for replying though!


1 year 289 days ago

Tooltips were implemented maybe 2-3 patches ago and if you select the stats the tooltips will appear.

1 year 289 days ago
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