Camera control on Mouse2


I did set the classic WSAD movement, QE camera control, and camera mouse control on Mouse2 instead of default Mouse3 (I tried to replicate WoW controls in that fashion), and it doesn't behave the same.

  • Maybe that could even be a control preset, with camera offset 100, as many people played WoW, and Inquisitor really benefits from changing the view angle even on the default settings. I realize WoW has a different targeting system than Inquisitor does, but I believe it would work here as well.

When it's on Mouse3, I run forward with pressing W and turn with pressing Mouse3, which is how it should work.

However when I set camera control to Mouse2, I run with W, and when the angle is changed with Mouse2, the camera angle changes, but the character continues in the previously set direction, until Mouse2 is released.

I'd like to ask if it would be possible to make the behaviour the same, so the Mouse2 on camera control acts the same as Mouse3 does now.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this game, I'm a fan of 40K lore and computer games, and yours is one of the few really good ones, in the plethora of 40K games crap. It's nice to see that someone really cares about the setting and it's lore, and not just about a quick cash grab.

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Camera control on Mouse2
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