Account Linking is busted and the first sign of quality to expect from this company


I have been sitting here fiddling with this shit for the past 45 fucking minutes. I'm just trying to play a single-player fucking game! I've searched reddit and steam threads and this shit has been a problem for at least TWO FUCKIN YEARS! and I have not seen a single dev. thread that addresses this problem!

Game says it'll automatically make my account based on my Xbox profile, doesn't do that, I manually make the account on a website that CONSTANTLY GOES DOWN, and then I STILL GET THE ERROR MESSAGE OF "this e-mail is already used for account linking" like what the fuck?! 

That's not even counting all the threads I saw from last night talking about the servers being down, which I see is an ever permanent issue, because someone had the bright idea of always being connected to the servers to play a damn game! Just start the fucking game, why do I even have to register for an account to begin with for a single-player/co-op game?! Fucking ridiculous! 

I just wanted to try out a Warhammer game, turns out this was just a waste of my memory space and time! Now I'm gonna TRY and publish this post if the website server doesn't crash on me (like it did 7 FUCKIN TIMES WHEN I TRIED TO ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT) and uninstall this shit!

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131 days ago
Our apologize for the inconvenience, we averted the issue already on Xbox and are working on the PS4 registration process as well.

You should be able to login now without any issue but in case you cannot just let me know here and I will assist you.
Once again we are apologize for the caused trouble.

132 days ago
Same issue here. Impressive. Put it on sale and don't have the basics ready...
132 days ago
Got the same issue on ps4
132 days ago
Fair enough, I’m going to wait patiently for a fix because it looks like an awesome game and I got it for free with games for gold.