Registration Problem on PS4 need Help!


Hey guys,

yesterday I bought this game in PSN-store... after first start of the game they asked for an registration. I did not want to add my correct email or other personal information I just wanted to play the game ... I dont know what this kind of process is, never seen before in other games exept in true online games of course. Anyway my problem now is that I have add an fiction email address who is not existing and after the second start of the game I realized this was not a good idea :). The game say now: I have to verify my email (but this email is not exisitng) and there is no option to start the process again! So now I cant play the game - I have already tried to deinstall the game but without result! Can anybody from the support team help?

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Registration Problem on PS4 need Help!
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185 days ago
I really dislike the registration process tho, nearly uninstalled the game because it. If you want to collect user data, make it optional. I'm already identified on my xbox, I don't need another layer. It's irritating. Honestly, if I see another neocore game in the future I will hesitate to buy it. Please think this through.
334 days ago

could you please give us your PSN? We will check on your account and will manually verify your email on our end! Thank you for your reply in advance!