WTF are you smoking?!?! (Balancing)


Mission is a joke, difficulty of missions is ridiculous mostly, except for the occasional random medium enemy that does 50-80% of your health in 3 seconds whereas the whole screen full of trash and medium mobs a room prior did not even scratch you.

Blazing through the mission, all super easy as usual, then there's a leman russ tank that tanks such a ridiculous shitload amount of damage.... burning an apostle of nurgle standing on his green mist in 3 seconds, and that leman russ has mayb 20 % damage taken after 30 seconds of concentrated fire, on the same difficulty level, and heals to full randomly (not when kiting too far out and then retreating to his spawn, but RANDOMLY)!
Does not help that on top that in most situations with that shitty cam the (in comparison to his model) tiny arrows under him and the fact that he only "charges" for 1-2 seconds before rushing through you, there is no way to dodge that but constant running,
and constant running = no damage, not that it would take damage anyways.

This has not been the case in the alpha/beta, this is beyond retarded, and extremely annoying, especially as boss variety does not even exist, and having such a bugged thing after cleaning the whole level (mission variety is not a real thing either)...

Also, losing all your buffs EVERY FUCKING TIME YOU ARE STUNNED and so on....IS....A....STUPID....IDEA!

And no, it does not help that you NEED to grind HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of missions to even get the most basic and integral perks and skill trees unlocked. -.-

Oh, and performance is still a joke compared to a month ago, idk why/how you broke it that bad, but good job on that, you really did it.

When I started playing after release, ... well, after that 6h or so downtime due to the global chat thingy.... I was quite surprised in a positive way, there were a handful of nice things.
All the more disappointing to see how broken this game still is, how repetitive and monotone, grindy, ....bugged... unbalanced...
Not even counting some gamebreaking bugs that I have yet to see being fixed in the patch notes....

You would have done good stay in alpha for a while longer, actually listen to bug reports and most importantly, play this game yourself, there were quite a few things that looked like no one ever tested it, and then have an actual beta and not only 2 weeks,
this way you'll only reap negative reviews and bury this game before it even started.

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WTF are you smoking?!?! (Balancing)
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6 years 41 days ago
Agree absolutely, this unfortunatly looks like a beta... imagine you buy a bike ..and the steering if fucked ..but you hear - hey dont worry we will fix it in 1 month ..sorry but i need a bike now ...when i bought it ..i mean i didnt pay you in 1 month ..etc etc
6 years 41 days ago
I may add some famous words: "git gud"
6 years 41 days ago

Adding to the leman russ tank... so hillarious, it's movement scriping tells it to kite, and it likes to kite itself out of its "arena" and then stops instead of retreating to its spawn point (opposed to usual boss scripting), and starts regenerating like 10% hp/s or so, while still standing still and shooting.


How the fuck can you develop a game without even taking a single look at what you do?!?

[edit:] but that boss is pointless anyways, as, only becoming visible as there are only a handful mobs left in the mission, one mob is way, WAY outside the reachable map area => extermination mission not completeable anyways

In all the alpha I have not run into this shit even once.

gg breaking your own game guys

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6 years 41 days ago


Sadly, i couldn't agree more.

I'd anyway add a few thougts :

1 - when u group, HP of mobs are basically doubled (or 100% increase per character in the team, after the 1st). 

It's so retarded, and pathetic as a bias to lengthen the leveling.

Basically, grouping should allow to bash mobs far stronger, in term of Power Rating.

But no, it's not the case.

Even worse : grouping doesn't help. Mobs are tougher AND stronger, meaning they burn down  your life like butter.

It results in a slower xp advance in group, than in team.

The stats from creature shouldnt change depending the team size. Even if this gimmicky trick has been overused from age.

A group should simply be able to try higher PR missions. No more, no less. The bigger the team, the higher the PR.

There's no reason for a single mob  becoming a raid boss, just because there's 4 peoples in the team.

2  - Doing mission from a higher PR is so (un)rewarding in terms of xp, actually ... It's safer and faster to chain low PR mission than tryin to deal with the unbalanced madness of higher PR mission, especially when u consider the near zero difference in term of experience won.

3 - The unreliability of moves skills (on heavy axe, for example) is pityfull. A  pixel can deny you to jump to your target. Such an usefull and meaningfull design !

I stop the bash, cause i smell the deadcow not so far away, if dev refuse to admit they totally wrecked their own game, in term of balance. Despite the fact that PR was a genius idea. It was, maybe for the first time in the Arpg story, that a studio created a tool to go beyond the ugly and ludicrousness   'X players = X the stats for mobs'. But no, they decided to go back and destroy their own creation.  (cause combining PR and alteration of mob's HP in function of team size, is like applying a penalty, multiplied by another penalty).

On the other side, all other aspects are great. But Arpg are simulation, both extensive and intensive in term of gameplay.

Both of those aspects, the mains, are actually crushed down to oblivion. Chaos and warp's fault, of blindness ?

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