Warzone Rescue Mission Broken


One of the three squads of guardsmen is stuck, unmoving on the map and won't walk to the teleporter after being rescued.

I know they can sometimes be daft and get stuck on the terrain but this time they are standing in the open.  I tried kiting some mobs to attack them but the guardsmen were taking no damage and not reacting to being shot.

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Warzone Rescue Mission Broken
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3 years 211 days ago
Just happened to me in a tarrot random deployment mission again on a lower lvl char. I have let them get surrounded and attacked but they don't react and do not have any interaction. I also have the health bars showing and the unit never had any
3 years 213 days ago
We internally fixed the issue, the next patch will include the changes.

Until then as a workaround: get close to the guardsmen team first, then try to clear the enemy - do not aggro the enemy group without getting closer to the guardsmen.

3 years 213 days ago
Addendum: Technically, it might be possible to complete the mission, if very painful.  The guardsmen do move slightly if you walk into them so it is possible to very slowly move them across the map by repeatedly walking into them.
3 years 213 days ago
Rescue missions are still broken following the July 9th patch.  Had another squad of guardsmen just standing like lemons resulting in an enforced mission fail.
3 years 219 days ago
This is one of our top prio issues right now, we are working on the fix. Thanks for the feedback!
3 years 219 days ago
I have encountered this bug too, though it has been on regular rescue type missions.

It always happens to just one group of soldiers and they just stand around not even taking damage or attacking the enemy.

3 years 220 days ago
This has happened to other players as well. Currently we are investigating the case, fixing it as soon as possible! Sorry for the trouble!
3 years 221 days ago
I did all the WZ missions up to 100 (after that there is nothing, where is the robot?). It may be a unique issue, but before you fail a mission, alt f4 out of the game and redo the mission.

It should not count as fail and you can start where you left, without being set back to the first mission in that stage.

3 years 221 days ago

Try to move as quick as you can away from them. They teleport to you after a longer distance, helps to get them unstuck on certain occasions.

But if they are not even taking damage they might be truly freezed.