warp heat won't dissipate


Sorry, if I missed smth or misunderstood the tutorial, but my warp-heat just won't go away. I cast warp-speed (or whichever speel I have), it gives me like 37 warp-heat, and nothing makes it dissipate: force weapon skills, Warp Heat Dissipation perk (+2 WH on kill), nothing. The WH dissipates only when the buff fades out. Is it just me, or smth works wrong?

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warp heat won't dissipate
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2 years 350 days ago
If you use a buff, that said buff will state that it will reserve 25% Warpheat & while that's happening you cannot go below that threshold.

It's abit of a strange setup, but I guess they'd be to powerful without some setback. I've just come to terms with it and imbraced it and went full unhinged with so much power I just kill everything I end up spawning in.
It feels somewhat punishing to use these buffs if you're not prepared to go unhinged to me..

2 years 364 days ago
Your Warp Heat decreases if you use your weapon-tied skills next to your Psychic powers.