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So I have a about 20 hours of gameplay and I have some feedback both to users and hopefully useful info or perspective for the devlopers.

First, let me start off with saying, the game should be great. My biggest worry was its was going to be a Diablo 3 knock off, and thank the Emperor it is not! I look forward to playing and trying to break each build to keep giving bug reports and feedback to improve this game.

So. Right now, I am doing challege level 3 missions and have found a decent routine to speed things along and quickly complete missions. I have little threat from any enemy in the game due to weapons and skill builds. So my suggestions here should reflect that my ideas are to improve quality of play, and my thoughts on the mission structure thus far.

Mission types

I love the current concept ingame. Different types with diffrent goals. I assume there will be many more types of missions and plenty more enemies to fight, as the game progresses (as stated in the roadmap). However, currently they are too samey. So here are some of my ideas to add variety or just some spice to all or just some mission types.

Secondary Objectives and more variables:

The short end of it, not all levels should do this, but it would be nice to have secondary and third objectives. I am a sucker and lover for passive and active effects on a mission. Such as a generator or engine room in the dungeon has been infected/damaged or whathaveyou, if you find it, you can turn on the lights, remove a passive "darkness" defensive bonus to enemies or you literally cannot see whats is in the next room other than what your flashlight can illuminate. 

Which to me would make a whole new subsection for your character. Having special flashights, minions, pets who could all either aid be giving more light, granting passive perks or even active skills to alter, aid or hinder these possible situations.

Maybe a type of mission where there is an armor or seceruity center room on the map, until it is cleared, enemies have better gear, such as more ammo or special ammo, stronger guns or weapons and the like. 

Expanding on curret Mission types:

Things similar to the Chaos Gates they have. Though I would like to seem them further expanded. Like having a bigger, Chaos Gate which actively summons more deamons or other ilk which then after (based on time) spawn a certain amount then leave that room and either reinforce other rooms, or possibly start patroling the dungeon hunting down the player or players. (Thus encouraging speedier rushs to get to find the Gate to shut it down before it overwhelms the party) as well as encouraging player to do co-op.

Room Variation

Thus far the rooms look amazing on spiced up graphics, the phsyics is awesome and the dynamic shadows are lovely and impressive (as most games simply ignore this effect). However, I would like to see more room variation. I know this is still Alpha and they will add more, so I assume there will be multiple levels, balconies, stairs, higher and lower sections and obviously just different room types other than Boss room, Hallway A and B and then Middle Room. Assuming they intend to add more (I'm fairly confident they said a whole bunch in the road map) but I want more variation inside the rooms as well

What I mean is, have a hallway room have several barricades in it, and the enemy has bunkered in and using it for defensive bonuses. Seeing ammunition stockpiles which grant faster rate of fire or range bonus to you or the enemy to create more tactical combat. 

Having overhangs or height variation could open up multiple levels of complexity tactically (pun!).

Having more than just pillars and the occasional Aegis line should be encouraged. I love blowing these things up and I love using them, I even like it when my enemies do to, as it creates more tactical options other than, shoot till they die. 

More Tactical Combat

As slightly touched upon above, I would like to see the enemy AI be a bit more clever, not all of them need be, but I would like to see like Renege Commanders, Chaos Space Marine or sargents or any Mob boss actually order or do some tactically sound things other than just grant passive buffs (which is still nice).

It would be neat to have in wider rooms, (smarter enemies or smarter leaders!) ording range units to begin supressive fire and then order a second range squad to try and flank your position to take away your cover. I assume this could be complicated coding wise, but it would be cool and challenging to fight a more compatent AI, or at least Bosses or sargents who change typical unit behavior.

Quality of Life improvements

Information hidden or hard to find:

Currently there are handy bars indicating amount of glory or rank earned in sectors which grant little perks which is nice, easy to understand and clear. However, several things, particular item bonuses are not clear, to either lacking a tooltip, not being programmed in yet, or simply a mystery. It would be nice to have even just a page or graphic explain the core gameplay and the overall build progress.

My biggest issue currently is what the frak is Offense and Defense level? The tool tip just states you'll have trouble if you don't meet this number via mission challenge rate, which is simply not true, or has yet to be implemented yet (or a bug).

I have plenty of Green quality gear with no offensive rating or defensive rating whose benefits heavily beef up my stat line and attack power to far higher effects than a similar item with a huge offensive or defensive rating. For example, I have boltgun with only has attack rating 8, but its passive perks of +12% salvo, +6% range damage is much more useful than a boltgun with an attacking rating of 26 but only grants +3% range damage. However, the challenge bar tells me the latter is much better, despite my character screen saying the prior is better for my range build. It would be nice to get some information or clarification on what those rating mean or if they even do anything.

I have access to two sectors with challenge level 2 and one with 3 and I don't know how or why. I am assuming it is because I have ranked high in them due to completing missions and thus them favoring me. More information or clarification would be useful for me and any other new players on how those mechanics work.

What does Glory and fate do?

I have almost 500 of it and no idea. I assume it has yet to be implemented yet. But again it would be nice if there was a graphic or text explaining this resource or what it will do or does.

Transparancy of door walls:

It would be nice to have an option to make the walls with a door to become transparent once crossing or opened (presuming line of sight).

Camera Angles

I would like a little more freedom on tilt and pivot of the camera angle. Also, an over the should or close to ability for screenshots and dramatic posing and the like would be nice.

A Skill Tree to just make your character faster

Nothing becomes more burdensome and tedious than slowly jogging around the map, due to missing a chest, or a room divergence or some other reason. Give more passive speed buffs, more items, and or a whole skill tree to speeding up travel time. I would also think a sprint feature with fatigue would be a nice addition. Anything really to just cut out some of the slowdown of jogging to the otherside of the map because you missed something or your hallway hit a dead end and backtracking for four minutes is required.

I have even gotten tot he point now on my level 15 character, that I equip wargear which much worse statlines, just to boost the running speed, so I don't have to spend as much game time doing nothing. I understand the need to keep movement in check for gameplay purposes (balance and kiting and what not) but even just adding a run feature like, if you're running for 20 seconds straight, you gain a 10% speed boost or something to simply help with the tedium of backtracking.

Color Contrast

Overall its pretty good. However, I can tell right off the bate colorblind people will struggle. Also a big one (considering I have excellent vision) a strong contrast color on grenades over the icon should be added. As currently even with my good eyes, I often cannot see or tell what the icon and numbers are trying to say with grenades. People who are color blind or poor eyesight I assume have no idea whatsoever.

Offer an upgrade for game purchase!

I spent $40 on the founders simply because I wasn't sure what this game was going to be like. Having pumped over 20 hours into it already, I am more than willing to bump up the the next tier of payment as both a thank you, and fiscal support for the developers for making such a high potential game and to hope it continues. It would be appreciative if I could just tack on the difference (as steam does for some of their stuff) to upgrade my purchase. 

That's all currently. Hope others and the developers find this useful or at least a seperate insight to an avid gamer who hopes for this game to succeed wildly.

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2 years 326 days ago


Just some random thoughts!


Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I miss Lascannon, Graviton Cannon in the game, since the game seems to have covered most of the arsenal... Why are we missing thease?

Classes & Campaigns:

Also, why can't Tech-Adepts play co-op together with core classes? (The Martyr chapters for example).

I get it that they are made only available for the Prophecy campaign, but they should still be allowed to join in co-op (to play with friends).


Will Necrons & Tau ever be added as enemies in the game? That would mix things up even more, adding to the fun of the mayhem.

PvP Fun:

Also a fun pvp game mode would be Dreadnoughts vs Dreadnought deathmatch or maybe even Freeblades vs Freeblades, just for some fun mayhem. I know its not inquisition specific but it would be fricken awsome and fun i think... I don't know, I might be alone on that.

Sandbox missions: Survival or Invasion would be awsome.

Survival: Survive against waves while doing objectives. Misson completes once all objectives are done, but enemies keeps spawning until mission completion, and your not allowed any deaths.

Invasion: Defensive position where you defend against waves of attackers until timer runs out, if your alive, mission complete, and your not allowed any deaths.

Also would love more sandbox missions with the Freeblade Knight, I had loads of fun the two times I got to play with the Freeblade Knight.

2 years 330 days ago
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7 years 93 days ago
Yeah I'll add in the compare and contrast gear along with the offensive and defensive rating section. As its not bad currently but I it could use some more spit and polish.
7 years 93 days ago

1)The possibility to compare and contrast gear when you have one selected and hover over a different one and it shows both so you can see a little easier what is better instead of the current click look unclick look at next.

2)Change the amount of Dreadnoughts in a match at this rate we'd purge all of them from the Death Guard.

3) hopefully a few more Nurgle enemy types soon since there are so many the Drones both biological and Mechanical.

7 years 93 days ago

Also as suggestion or some topics which would be worth a review :

- Croud controll: If you get hit by a huge boss enemy, you get knocked down and the character is unable to do anything for about 5 seconds + If you are surpressed and outnumbered, you get a slowing effect. 

I think it would be worth to rethink this, because having croud controll on your player character in an ARPG is the most annoying things a player could experience. I would suggest to get rid of this system and if the intention of this was to make the game harder, just try something different.

- Resistances! I noticed that some enemy types like the ones with the flamethrower are just as voulnerable to fire than every other enemy. Dunno if you plan to implement a resistance system for element types to the game, but if not, maybe it would be worth to think about that.

- Camera rotation: Adding the option to be able to rotate the camera with keyboard (W, D) or just change the settings, would be awesome. It's very hard to move+ rotate

- Transparent walls If you are near a wall or door, it would help a lot if the wall and door would be transparent to see what's behind the door. Since the enemy can already see you, but you can't see the enemy. 

But these are just my ideas....let's see what others are thinking :)

Szuperek vagyok, csak így tovább BTW :)

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7 years 94 days ago
While checking the roadmap, I've seen there was another Glory system expected for second Milestone, one that will allow to become the Protector of a system.
7 years 94 days ago
Airsick Hydra
Glory system is already present.

On the star map, in the icon at the bottom of the screen, there is one for GLORY.

You have to accumulate Glory every week in order to unlock money, fate, items.... and glory packs (but I don't know what is in them as I didn't got to the first).

You need 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 Glory points to unlock the bonuses (if I remind correctly). [800 points per week seems to be only for the most dedicated players]

But, for Glory as for Reputation, they should make the required points more obvious by adding them to the gauge or to a tooltip. As it is now is not easy to understand how much more is required. :s

It's a shame the wiki are not available, it would be easier to share knowledge. It is not easily available in game and the "forum" is not easy to navigate.

7 years 94 days ago
This Post a Thousand times! Some very nice points raised

7 years 94 days ago
I think a good chunk of your questions have been posted already, i'll try and summarise from what I remember.

Mission variety - On Roadmap confirms more - But I agree they are all very similar.
Glory System / Fate system - Agreed, nice to have a tooltip - But system hasn't been implimented yet :)

Movement Speed - Kind of agree on this but there is so muc + movement on items is it required?

Secondary objectives - 100% Yes - Don't think we have had confirmation on this one at all. 

Transparency of doors - 100% yes - The pixelated dissolve texture they have looks poor, i've suggested enemy outlines to be shown who are in combat which I think would also help. 

Account upgrade - "likely yes - not 100% "staff")

7 years 94 days ago

"Transparancy of door walls"

This. This a million times!