Warp Anomalies


Questions: Are Warp Anomalies (WA) being spawns not only by the second, but also by the cast atm?

If both are being used it would explain the ridiculous number of them being spawned during combat. During big fights, there will still be at least 3 triangles if not more, a tornado or 2, multiple explosions, and upwards of 3 to 6 different chaos spawns. Yesterday on multiple occasions I had the skull explosions firing off one after another to the point 2 or 3 skulls were being fired off like a machine gun. You get hit by that, it is gonna hurt bad. My build is built on movement, so with a watchful eye I avoid most of it.      

Question: Has the patch been applied to reduce the number of WA being spawned by the second?

ATM As I walk down the board, I am in constant battle with chaos spawn and never just one. It is always 2 or 3 spawns attacking me, even just walking around trying to collect loots. Forget trying to sort out your loot if you fill up your inventory. You have to drop all your defenses (auras) and fight for several minutes in till your get green just to get a bit of peace and GL to most players who aren't up to the challenge. I manage it with teleports and dashing all over.

With my current build, I expect WA and welcome them as an extra challenge. I used to look at Chaos Spawn as extra enemies to beat and add spice to a fight. Explosions to. Always like to add as much challenge to a fight as possible., it just makes it more fun and gets the blood moving.  I didn't even mind when some of them were instant death, just keeps me on my toes. ATM though WA are more constantly annoying than extra spice/fun. 

To sum up it like the random number generator is getting stuck in a certain range. When it pops a WA, it wants to pop 4 or more of the same one right after another. Hence the multiple triangles, explosions, and 2 to 5 Chaos spawn coming out at once.  


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Warp Anomalies
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Example of what I mean on the Warp spawns....  That many Warp Spawn in under a few minutes. There must be over a few dozens bodies there and that isn't all of them. They were spawning in on average at 4 at a time. As soon as I killed one , another would pop up to take it place.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jgneuoGUE-IKz6xsSS7VHoO3optTecTA/view?usp=sharing

earlier there were over 10 Triangles in a single hallway with me....

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