Warhammer 40K Martyr. stuck in Chernobog system


Hello. Xbox One X. In Chernobog; can’t back out.  No option exists.  Permanently stuck in this system.  Xbox love username is Halpinat0r.  Can you help??  Please!!!!  Character name is Halpinat0r4

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Warhammer 40K Martyr. stuck in Chernobog system
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246 days ago
I'm good though I think it may have been a user error and not a bug after all.

I didn't see the button in the bar to zoom out of the different layers of the galaxy.

Thank you in case there was an issue and my memory is just failing me. 

253 days ago
Could you please check your character now?
254 days ago

I just ran into this bug. I was rather enjoying the game until this happened. :(

Hopefully this game is still being supported. 

Playing on PC.

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1 year 84 days ago
As we checked you have no such problem with your character. Can you confirm that the issue is still present?
1 year 85 days ago

I am also stuck on able to get out of the system gt ABN SHOCK 420. User name ABN Shock 420. Character name is the same 

1 year 85 days ago
Also stuck on Xbox 1 abn_shock_420
1 year 203 days ago
Thank you MarcopoloCS!! It worked!!!
1 year 203 days ago
We have fixed most of these issues with a global script from our backend. Would you please check on your progress? In case you may still have the same problem please get back to me.
1 year 204 days ago
Thank you; Does the team have any idea of timing?  I'm seeing a lot of posts for similar areas being stuck.  Sounds like a massive patch is needed.  
1 year 205 days ago
I too am stuck in this system on Xbox 1 X.  GT - I MIKE BRAVO I
1 year 206 days ago
Your issue has been forwarded and shortly will get a fix! Sorry for the bad experience!