Veteran of Battles and Stalwart Servant achievement problems



I am unable to unlock the Stalwart Servant and Veteran of Battles achievements on Xbox.

For Stalwart Servant my achievement progress is stuck at 96%, I have the achievement for unlocking every skill tree unlocked as well as doing 30+ side missions but the percentage hasn't moved.

For Veteran of Battles achievement my progress is stuck at 32% but I have completed well over 25 multiplayer missions (not local coop). I was under the impression that this achievements requirements were reduced to 25 multiplayer matches from 50, is this correct? Either way my percentage won't increase after completing more multiplayer missions.

Could this be looked into please.


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Veteran of Battles and Stalwart Servant achievement problems
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242 days ago
Could you please provide us a screenshot about your 2 achievements' progress? Send it to [email protected] if possible.
243 days ago

Thanks I know about the fix; still I played again yesterday and these are the achievements I am stuck with no tracking:

Relentless Slaughter (75%)

Cheating Death (70%)

Death Incarnate (86%)

Untouchable (90%)

Could you please let me know if the fix fixed those too and my real progress ???

many thanks pals 

256 days ago
Kindly note that we implemented a fix already which reportedly helped fixing the problem.

Which has to be mentioned in relation with the fix is that it did not sync the progress of the various Heroic Deeds with their achievement counterparts which means that you have to keep doing the requirement of the still uncompleted achievements.

If you have any question about where your progress is at the moment feel free to ask and we will let you know.

261 days ago
Thanks to you for your support!

Let me know when it’s fixed please

273 days ago


I have same issue to unlock the Relentless Slaughter, Death Incarnate and Untouchable achievements on Xbox.

Since days, I am stuck at a percentage and no matter what I do in playing, the track is not moving, even when I get the angel of death or unbreakable bonus.

same with cheating death but I know this is usual.

Please have a look

280 days ago
Thank you.
280 days ago

We started to investigate the issue, our team will handle the problem in the shortest time possible. Our apologize for the inconvenience.