Skip opening missions or let me play the Tech-Adept in Martyr


I created a new Tech-Adept so I could play it with my friends just to find out that I can't actually play the campaign with my friends anyway because they haven't made it past the Martyr campaign yet. I went to make a new Psyker so I could actually play the game I purchased, but I couldn't bear to play through the intro missions again just so I could play with friends.

This is a horrendously bad user experience. I don't really care much about the story, so I don't care what I'll miss in these intro missions (and I already played through them when Martyr was fairly new, anyway). There's only really a few options to make this experience better.

1. Allow the Tech-Adept play in Martyr campaigns (even if it's just when joining another player in co-op, that's fine)

2. Allow other classes to join the Tech-Adept in Prophecy missions even if they haven't finished Martyr.

3. Allow me to skip the intro missions so I don't have to go through that torture every time. 

#1 is obviously the best choice, but I doubt that'll happen. I haven't technically played Prophecy yet since I only launch the game from the Martyr option, so I might just get a refund instead. 

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Skip opening missions or let me play the Tech-Adept in Martyr
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