Tech-Adept Barrel Woes


It should be noted, that the Tech-Adept is, most likely, unique in one certain annoyance - he struggles to destroy the destructible objects with ranged weapons.

Since the Adept is focused on summoned constructs, it's reasonable to have maximum free skill slots. That means using weapons with single weapon skill. That's where the annoyance arrives - there's a peculiar targeting bug, while targeting barrels with either Rad Carbines, or Plasma Calivers: you start missing barrels, even at point blank range - shots stop just short of the barrel in question. It takes repositioning, or switching to a melee weapon to destroy those particular barrels.

P.S. Is there any chance to see Arc Rifle weapons in the forceeable future? Ather all, one of the tech-Adept specializations is stated to be an expert in those mythical weapons)

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Tech-Adept Barrel Woes
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