Seasons Console/PC


Hello, sorry for my english.

I am an old player from the Steam version, and ive bought an xbox series x, with the Ultimate "new" edition of Martyr.

I was surprise there are no seasonal characters on console, so i wonder if seasons are sync, same, for PC / Console versions, updates, and other things


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Seasons Console/PC
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175 days ago
No Season yet on console until Microsoft doesn't approve our patch. The Playstation patch was approved but we want a joint Season launch so we postpone it until the Xbox is ready.
180 days ago
Thank you for reply. I will stay tuned and see when seasons are gonna start on each platforms. 
186 days ago
The console version does not get updated the same time as the PC. Season 6 will come to PC shortly while Season 4 will launch on console on the next week.

Please mind that seasonal characters are transferred to non-seasonal at the end of each Season.