Cannot Load Mission 3


I sent in a ticket about this well over a week ago, but haven't heard a peep about it since. Without exception, every single time I try to load the third story mission (The one where we're going to the ship, having just been contacted by the AdMech fellow with information) the game crashes at the 25% mark. Verifying file integrity did precisely nothing to fix the issue, and everything else works fine leading up to this (IE, we're not dealing with a memory leak or script bloat or anything). I am also a country-mile past the minimum specs, so it isn't that either.

I would love if a developer could chime in here, because if I don't get this resolved before the refund time limit comes due, I'm going to just have to refund the game. Which would be a shame, because it seems like an awesome little game outside of this.

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Cannot Load Mission 3
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290 days ago
Could you tell me your in-game account name? I will have the developer team check on your account and fix the problem in question.