QoL Suggestions


I am really liking this game, I am a big WH 40k Fan and enjoy purging heretics. 

But this game can use some changes to help make it a better experience for players new and old.  I haven't played the whole game, so forgive me if some are already in the game.

* be able to drop stuff from inventory onto ground.

* groups - stay grouped when you swap characters

* Combined item Descriptions - all stats and abilities show in same window for easier compare. 

* Improved Compare - don't require holding key to compare items, and for Signum have it bring up both in compare window.

* slot names for equipment

* keyboard shortcut for Cabal 

* chat function and friends list in missions and at menu screen

* better description for spells and abilities - show what passives affect them

* better in-game info - showing what is needed to unlock various parts of game. i.e. Ordos Missions and Seasonal Challenges.

* remove hidden times on missions

* option to remove selected tarot slotted into mission.

* able to view profiles of people - showing their characters and gear.

* chat needs to be reworked, it doesn't work smoothly in game. easier to talk via outside program.

* ability to change ui - hide parts, shrink or move parts.

* limited sets - based upon well known captains/chapter masters etc in the lore.   a few pieces, maybe even adjusts your appearance to look like said hero or villain.  they can be real items, or skins that can be acquired through quest lines.

* quest lines for various Space Marine Legions- particularly the Grey Knights.

* Cabal HQ - Land Base that can be bought and built up, offers various missions. 

* Get Promoted - Join an Ordos and Gain ranks in it with some benefits. 

* Vehicles - can be used to move around faster.

* Cities - where we can interact with other players and citizens. 

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QoL Suggestions
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2 years 217 days ago
* enchantments - allow us to change them, even unique ones

some of them are just bad for some builds, so it makes a potential good piece of gear junk.

The more I think of it, we definately need some set items but with some tweaks.


Spear of Russ - Russ Enchantment ( cant be changed) and random other attributes.

Bolter of Russ - same as above - improved effect for 2 items

Armor of Russ - same

maybe a few sets per sub class.  

and definately utilize famous people from 40k Lore. 

There are lots of collectors, so achievements to get all Russ's gear and others would be needed. 

2 years 218 days ago
* ability to leave a mission to swap out gear or make a change
2 years 218 days ago

* group crusades - would be more fun

* kill counts - for various races

* named bosses on missions - taken from 40k Lore

* achievements to battle all named bosses among other things

* titan and tank missions in crusades where we operate them

* loot from titan and tank missions

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2 years 220 days ago
did my first Void Crusade.... got to Supreme mission after doing 10 void missions and I had 1 try to beat a Damn Titan.....  it would of taken me over an hour to beat it, had I even stood a chance. 

Just A bit ridiculous

2 years 224 days ago
* Big idea here...... Xenos or Chaos DLC or Game.  Play as Any Xenos race and fight against the Inquisitors in PvP. 
2 years 226 days ago
I never made it to 100( exp goes so slow the higher you get) , but feel that there is alot of stuff lacking when it comes to a reason to do a season or even play when you get to 100. 

when you reach 100, then what... all gear rep and money grind. which is the problem for any game.

and this game has a unique problem, since all gear is randomly generated, there needs to be a reason to get a level 100 version of any item. 

I will have to see what season 2 brings for new stuff, to see if I even want to do a season again.

And knowing the exact length of the seasons beforehand would be nice.

maybe a merge function on the forge,.... 2 identical items that get merged to make a more powerful version of that item.

but this is rarely possible with the current item system since getting 2 identical items is rare,

2 years 229 days ago
*Be able to adjust the HUD. (specifically, I -hate- that when I orient my direction of travel to a corner [by default, it's got to the the top right, as that's the only one that's 'nominally' empty] so I can see further down the map, shit constantly is *in* the corner so I can't see as far as I'd like)

*Be able to zoom back out further. (this would be another option to allow for better view distance on the map)

*get loot drops when piloting the Knight on missions. (I really hate that those missions give *no* loot... and don't compensate for the lack in any way, either [well, ok, other then the fun of piloting the Knight, but, still])

2 years 229 days ago

* mission complete summary  -  enemies killed/ remaining, each players max dmg, total dmg done/received. missed treasure chests / items or elites. 

2 years 229 days ago
* cabal - member notes, guild message, more techs

* player search

* customize bridge - if you have a crusader, you can have Caius Thorn be replaced by him. same for other characters.  

* ship upgrades - can send minions / alts on fact finding missions and scouting expeditions. success = they return with info, possible mission, resources/items, or chance to get captured etc... 

 ship weapons - can bombard a mission area to do some damage to enemy.

scout ships - can recon an area to get a map of the mission area, has a chance to get shot down - resulting in a new objective added to current mission to rescue the survivors.

2 years 229 days ago
* sort / filter of system influence in random mission screen doesnt work

* hate to say it, but look at the D3 chat system... it works. time stamp, you dont miss chat when on missions etc.

2 years 229 days ago
* when forging - can use shards and psalms in your cache

* void mission - can use shards in your cache

2 years 230 days ago

Good to hear some of the items are already being worked on. Thank you @MARCOPOLOCS‍ 

I have some more ideas big and small to help this game.

* Improved Journal - show history of all missions

* group void missions - maybe even cabal ones

* map - moveable and adjustable visibility, sometimes it's hard to see whats on it.

* view my own gear on all my characters from main menu

* cabal - when looking at who is online, would be nice to see what mission they are on as well as character they are on.

* Cabal chat - saves it so you can view all previous chat from past 2-3 days even if you weren't online.

* complete quests for items when in group

* Cabal Cache - so we can share items with friends / cabal members

* Rest Exp by character

* Hide missions from DLC we don't have. I bought complete collection, or so I thought but found that I don't have seeds of corruption which is a hard to find add-on that was in a magazin.

* imperial guard - more variety for their weapons as well as different faction.


* hirable minions that can accompany us on missions - would be really cool if it was our alternate character. 

* Imperial chronicler - so Caius can assume his rightful place on the battlefield.

* Ragna - just seems to always have an answer, I can understand this for quest progression. but maybe time spread it around, fact finding missions we have to do. non-combat related missions where we flex our inquisitorial muscle and rep with various systems.

Now I am getting into potential DLC area because of the scope.... but some of it already in game so this will expand off it. 

* when you gain ranks in ordos, you acquire (buy) bigger ship and bigger fleet.  allowing for titans, mechs and guard regiments.

* Imperial Guard DLC - can start with 3 factions in the area, you do missions and gain rep and build alliances. recruit them when you rescue scouting parties etc, you return them to their factions nearest outpost. they can then be deployed with you for a limited amount of time, but you have the ability to upgrade their gear to some extent and commisars.  Cabal Ground Missions for 2 -3 groups.

*Mechanicus DLC - 3 factions, similiar to IG DLC above but this add's ability to ally with a forge world. to allow for recruitment / buying of different titans and mechanicus ships. Group and Cabal Titan Missions.

* Space Marine DLC - Ally with Grey Knights, Stormwatchers or Deathwatch. very similiar to the above for options. 

* Sisters of Battle,  Custodes, imperial navy. similiar ideas as above. maybe limited ship battles.

* more enemy variety - necrons and orks , other evil chaos marine chapters - allow us to hunt them down and purge the area of them.

* chaos marines , tyranid, orks, and eldar - 

* for above DLC ish ideas.... can have 1 on bridge once we ally with them, but we can swap skins to any of the factions of our preference once we reach that reputation rank. 

* allow for max rep with multiple factions within each , adjusting bridge size and type.

I am sorry if I am going crazy with ideas to bring all of warhammer 40k to life in this game, but I just think it would be great.

2 years 231 days ago
- extra storage slots will be a thing for sure

- possible enchant list under the Modifying tab will too
- we are thinking about a window with the various System Influences

With the exception of the Inoculator you can change your set of equipped items in missions.

The rest of your requests will also be taken into consideration. Thank you!

2 years 232 days ago

* when in group - show mission buffs / debuffs and mission info in the accept window,

* time setting for chat

* relics and other high level gear on mission map showing on mini map and main map

* allow more time to cleanup maps of treasure and mobs when it completes.

* better group invite - it goes away too fast

* chat window needs alot of fixes... fades away too fast

* show character info in Cabal - seasonal / non seasonal

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2 years 232 days ago
* System Influence List - Show all Systems and your influence, as well as next reward tier. Current Influence can also be shown on the quest info window.

* more difficulty tiers for missions - from 1 to 10.

* crafting improvements - item level changed to upgrade to my level.

* show possible enchantments for each slot for crafting could add % chance if you want to show how rare certain ones are

2 years 232 days ago
Thank you @MARCOPOLOCS‍ 

There was a few wishlist items in there, but most of them should be doable. 

some to add : 

*don't lose intel mission item if you don't accept intel mission. I just lost one I didn't accept since it was 4 levels above me and I knew I didn't have a chance with it. maybe have them tiered like gear so we know the level range. 

grey - 3-4 below your level

Blue -  your level - +/- 1 level

Green - 2- 3 above your level

Purple - 4-5 above your level

Brown - 6-7 above your level

red - 8-10 above your level

* more storage on ship - buyable with credits

* quicksets - can have different gear setups on display that we can change between on ship.

* a way to change gear when on mission if you made a mistake.

2 years 232 days ago
Quite an interesting list there @JOELNH‍ ! Thank you for your feedback!

The most I can promise is to convey your list to our endgame team, they will consider some of the options (there are a few which will sadly not make it for sure, like cities, vehicles, Cabal HQ or checking other players' gears/chars).