In-game interface issue.


Hello dear team,

Problems with game play appeared to me lately. After i log in to the game i struggle with ingame issues such as:

1. I can't get into "control bridge" through the game panel.

2. I can't sell or tear apart items from inventory (even if my friend invites me to the ship i can't use shop, to be more precise Captatin Bridge don't pop up)

3. I can't use "clicka", check friends list.

There is only two options that are available for me: character window screen and my diary.

How to solve those problems?

I tried to troubleshoot myself:

checked the internet connection (no problem here)

Checked other games (no issued appeared there)

I reinstalled the game - it didn't help.

One more thing: i checked the gameplay on my other low characters and it worked fine, with absolutely no issues!!

These problems happen only when i log to my main character

Please suggest a solution?

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In-game interface issue.
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233 days ago
It will take some time but we will fix the problem. I would like to ask your patience in the following days.
233 days ago


Game nickname: Vaido
Steam account: Batimbo1
The game is tied to the email: [email protected]
p.s if it's not that, then tell me what to write.  - character name reference

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233 days ago
Hey @VAIDO‍ ,

could you please let me know your ingame account name? We will check on your account!