PS4 vibration missing on certain actions



I've noticed that the controller no longer vibrates when opening ordo chests, or salvaging at the tech priest. 

This feels like something essential in experience has gone missing because the vibration used to indicate the salvaging or opening the ordo chest was progressing. Now i constantly feel it doesn't trigger my action because the vibration is gone. 

On a side note but also very annoying is the fact that reloading a weapon no longer seems to trigger a sound or vibration. To be honest, i don't remember what used to happen when you reloaded but now when i reload i can no longer hear a sound or feel a vibration so i constantly have to double check if it is actually reloading. 

Was this intended? 

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PS4 vibration missing on certain actions
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174 days ago
On a sidenote: In my original post I wrote that I no longer received a cue on reloading weapons.

This no longer applies as of this weekend. I've checked extensively and now when reloading the same audio cue is back.
I have no idea why I couldn't hear this sound a while back but this was perhaps the biggest annoyance for me.
So this issue is now gone as the audio cue acknowledges the reloading is happening and my brain doens't think my button press for reloading didn't work.

As for the missing vibration while salvaging things or opening ordo boxes: it's still missing but of course a very minor thing.
I don't expect action for this issue, so for readers: please just take this note as feedback or please advise me if you also experience the same or if I'm alone with this issue.

As for the vibration strength during missions (my 2nd post in this thread): I don't know what happened but I can't seem to get it balanced anymore: it's either very strong and uncomfortably so while firing e.g. the boltgun or very very weak.
I've managed to get it better by tuning the vibration strength but it's far from optimal.
I'm playing seasonal Psyker now with warp rod and aether blade: I never get any vibration feedback using those but that might be intended. So maybe I should disable the vibration so it's the same for all characters and weapons equipped (better to have none than too strong or very weak). In any case, this is also not a major issue. My workaround will be to disable in-game vibration.

174 days ago
Brother Kundari

I appreciate your feedback and I understand this is smth you feel is unimportant.

In my experience, this community is quite active and the devs are doing a great job fixing things, listening to people's suggestions etc.. It's hard to find a community this active with devs so actively participating and taking what's necessary from this forum into their roadmap for fixing or improving things.

I know this is not the answer you might wish to receive, but it's exactly the fact that the devs are so actively still supporting the game that I felt I should make this note.
If it doesn't apply to you, and you feel it has no place here: great, you made your point. I respect that but I feel otherwise.

To me, this change in behaviour is a meaningful one, and one that's been impacting me.
It is (again, I repeat myself) not a big issue or gamebreaking in any way, and I've already adjusted after several weeks of playing in these circumstances but it still feels like a gap in regard to how it was.

I'm not even sure if this is because how the game works atm, or if the issue is completely on my side.
Maybe the devs are not aware, maybe someone else has a similar experience or I'm the only one.
Either way, I still think it's useful to check.

If nothing else, in the small chance this might be a bug, at least I've contributed to something and the devs can decide to fix it or not but at least they'll be aware.
If it's not a bug, sry for the overhead but where else should I ask around then?
There are many people here giving constructive feedback, hints, & tips etc... (and my thanks again for all those sharing their insights and feedback).

I'll make one more contribution to this post in a separate reply as I've somehow noted a change in behaviour. And that will be my last contribution to this thread. If I'm alone with this experience or if it doesn't get picked up, the thread will disappear in the masses over time (and that's fine btw) so I feel I haven't spammed the forum with something meaningless. (my apologies to those who feel otherwise).

174 days ago
I can to a certain extent understand, but it is not a must, and it just needs adjustment, and getting used to it.

I know this is not the answer you want and wish to see, but in my personal opinion it is not something I would go out with and bother too much about with on any kind of Forum, really.

Personally, I would just say this sucks, okee, fine, I adjust, and that´s it. Case out of world. Move on.

178 days ago
Brother Kundari
Everything works fine indeed but for specific actions the cue has gone. After playing for so long and being used to the cues i have a hard time adjusting.

The reloading cue gone missing is the most annoying one for me as the cue no longer informes you when reloading is finished. 

Game breaking, absolutely not but i never said it was. 

It is however impacting my in game experience and i do wonder if this is an intended change, is a bug or if the problem is solely on my side. 

Why bother, because in my personal experience it really does feel like i'm missing something essential. 


179 days ago
I never thought Vibrating being so extremely important for some players on Consoles.

For me personally, in games in general on console when it comes to vibrating Controller or not, I couldn´t care less about it. A bit odd in some circumstances yes, maybe, but certainly not a MUST. As long as it doesn´t cause big major gamebreaking issues... Why bother?!

And it seems like in your situation, it is far from any gamebreaking issues about it. Everything seems to work just fine.

180 days ago
I've tested with multiple controllers in the meanwhile and can confirm this happens on all controllers and is not limited to 1 controller.

Furthermore, when I change the option for vibration strength, I either get a very strong and unconfortable vibration or a very weak almost unperceptipe vibration.

The only vibration I receive is when using skills or ranged/melee attacks with the equipped weapons.