Armoured plus Heavily Armoured


Intel & Ordo missions can have Armoured and Heavily Armoured Hazards at the same time which seems to stack, making enemies invulnerable to all but armour piercing damage, making some missions impossible to complete except for specific builds.  Surely these should not be stacked?

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Armoured plus Heavily Armoured
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1 year 173 days ago
I proposed a rebalance concerning this hazard as it can make missions quite difficult. Armor Piercing can help indeed but it is still too much. We will make some restrictions: if one hazard gets applied onto a mission, no more similar hazards should appear with Tarot cards.
1 year 174 days ago

Where i can read about how "Armored" and "Heavily Armored" hazards work? How much dmg these hazards reduce?  Interested in the mechanics of the process. Thx

1 year 174 days ago
Just make sure you are having some kind of damage that is/does Armour Piercing/Breaking etc, and you´re fine.