[PS4] Update for Van Helsing III - Patch v1.01


Updates for Van Helsing III have been released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

PS4 v1.01

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the "Host of the  Nightmare" trophy not unlocking
  • Trophies now unlock retroactively
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to use the teleport in the Secret Lair
  • Fixed a crash after closing the "Mission results" window in multiplayer
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[PS4] Update for Van Helsing III - Patch v1.01
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4 years 124 days ago
Please send us a screenshot about the set. The trophy was checked on 3 accounts and was unlocked properly each time.
4 years 124 days ago
Yes, i buy the dlc set and farming 1 other set but not working
4 years 124 days ago
Are you sure it is bugged? As we checked on the game if you put a full green set onto Katarina the trophy gets unlocked.
4 years 125 days ago
'Million gold baby' trophy buged. I own 2 full set for katarina but no trophy unlocked.