Progress voided after otherwise good night


Played several 4 man missions all evening, nice fun time for all. Our man on the west coast had to bail, me, wife, and friend switched characters and carried on with our 3 tech-adept team.
Got 2 missions in to chapter 2 of Chaos Undivided story when the game seemed to wait way too long at mission completion. After staring for about 2 actual minutes at the map and our robots standing around, we arrived back on ship. No items in inventory, all level gains removed, as if we hadn't been there. However, I did unlock a perk and that stayed, and the mission is now marked as completed for all of us.
Wonderful way to cap off a fun night by ruining frelling everything. Great job!

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Progress voided after otherwise good night
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90 days ago
We are sorry for the bad experience. We are investigating this problem and will try to sort it out in the coming period.