no items at the end of a void crusade


Hi, at tthe end of my void crusade, my 3 friends and I lost all the items from the final mission. (07-07-21 around 10pm GMT)

the loading for exiting the mission was a bit long and when we finally got in the hub : no xp and loot but the cruisade was over

If you could check what happend and eventually give us the items we fought so hard to get it would be awesome :)

Sorry for my bad english

Have a nice day/night

Name : Boustiflex

Character : PTZ

plateform : PC

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no items at the end of a void crusade
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66 days ago
Not so common but lately more players reported the problem. We are investigating the missing loots and XP points but this will likely take a longer period of time. Sorry for the bad experience.
71 days ago
Same problem again :/ with:



14-07-21 5h45pm

Is it a common problem or are we the only one experiencing it ?

Thank you

76 days ago
A big thank you !

my friends account names are :

- Boustiflux

- Grymt

- René Courgette

We are really enjoying the game so far and it seems to have  a lot more to offer !

Have a great day :)

76 days ago
What are your friends' account names? 

Moreover, please check your character's inventory, a couple of things lay there as a little compensation.