Ordos progession after server migration


Logging in after server migration. I have lost all ordos progression. Has 2 missions checked off like i left it before the server migration. All ordos factions are at 0 now. And I can only complete 1 mission for the week. Had all the stores at 50 or above. That's a huge set back. Xbox one x. Gamertag: IrishOverkill.

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Ordos progession after server migration
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57 days ago
My problem is fixed thank you. It no longer resets every day
64 days ago
Do you still have this problem? Please look into your stats in-game and let me know if you still miss your points.
66 days ago

I do have the Same Problem on Xbox, Gamertag Anazstasius. 

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67 days ago
The problem has been fixed yesterday but if you still see your count set to zero please let us know!
70 days ago
Logged in for the ordos influence week and did quite a few missions. Look into the store to see what's for sale. And my ordos reputation is back to 0 again. And ya have checked off missions and every ordos faction is 0 again.
73 days ago
This a high-priority issue on our end, fixing it in the shortest time possible. Your patience is kindly asked until we restore the previous values.