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This past year flew by so fast! We've launched a successful Kickstarter campaign back in October, 2020, followed by an Early Access launch in January, 2021. Now, a bit more than a year later we're getting ready to launch the full release of King Arthur Knight's Tale (April 26, 2022 as previously announced)!  We'd like to thank you all for joining us early, whether joining the Kickstarter or the Early Access on Steam, supporting us and the project.

As said many times before, we'll have three more Acts, a post-campaign endgame and hours and hours of gameplay awaiting you in the full release. The game got much bigger than planned.

Beginner guides

Spoiling the rest of the story till the release would be a bit cruel, so no spoilers from now on, but until then, here's a collection of new blog posts for new players, diving a bit more into the game's mechanics, such as the RPG elements, Camelot management and so on. Treat them as beginner's guides. We'll have more of these as we're getting closer to the full release.

Whether King Arthur: Knight's Tale is your first turn-based game or you're a seasoned veteran of the genre, it's good to take a step back from time to time, and revisit the foundations:

What builds your character? In the post linked below we will focus on the game's RPG elements - beside the tactical combat, there is a lot to explore in character building and moral choices:

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is unique in the turn-based tactical genre in a way that it mixes RPG, roguelite, and also base management elements with the turn-based tactical gameplay, and creates a unique experience. It's time to put our focus on Camelot and hub management:

No castle would be complete without some knightly jousting, right? That's why - and thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers - PvP is available in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, for those looking to hone their battle skills against fellow players. The optional game mode plays out on three different maps, each with their own unique look and layout, each favoring different strategies and compositions. Let's just check it all out, shall we?

International Women's Day has arrived and we considered it a great opportunity to highlight some of the female heroes in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. You might know these characters from the broader Arthurian myth - these names appear in very early texts like Le Morte Darthur or The Mabinogion, and these figures had their own changes and stories in later centuries. This diverse cast of the myth is still inspiring writers and artist to this day (Routeledge has an excellent anthology titled Women of the Arthurian Legend, for example).

We'll soon have more info regarding digital Kickstarter rewards and launch details, as we getting closer to this late-April date. Until then, you can find us on Discord (, be sure to join and feel free to ask anything!

Avalon awaits!

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Beginner's guide
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