New missions not working?


So the new Missions, unholy incursion has arrived and this is the blub from NC:

Based on the community's feedback we're offering separate tiers of rewards and an extended period: this week-long event will conclude on June 29, so every player will be able to join and meet the criteria. There will be three special named enemies from the three participating Fallen Astartes Legions (Alpha Legion, Black Legion and Word Bearers.)

Seems not as unless you are a lvl 50 anyway it won't let you travel to the areas. or is there some other weird and illogical reason?

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New missions not working?
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4 years 98 days ago
i cant travel to them, i get the text about each planet but then the travel  button is greyed out -
4 years 99 days ago
try just looking at the planets, sometimes just like story missions, its scaling those to your level. The Area my be 50+ but the missions could be lower. As far as i know, its located on 3 planets in that system.