New DLC:

City of Suffering



A new DLC is available on the PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, titled City of Suffering.

Enter the City of Suffering where the Drukhari hunt their human prey on a larger scale. Hinder the Xenos plans, take down as many Pain Catalysts as you can and make them pay for every Imperial citizen they steal.

This DLC contains the world Myrkon as a Starmap location, home to a brand new game mode that comes with its own leaderboard. You can find Myrkon in the Malcorum system in the Triglav Subsector. (Please note that this Starmap location is only available after unlocking the Triglav Subsector.)

The DLC is $2.99 on Steam and on the Neocore Store, but you can also purchase it from the in-game store for 1200 Fate. 

Read the full patch notes here.

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New DLC: City of Suffering
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3 years 326 days ago
The DLC has been made available just yesterday on Xbox! Please check on the store! 
3 years 326 days ago
When will u be able to do this on Xbox ? 

4 years 21 days ago

as we checked all your characters (including your Psyker) are in another sector. Please get back to us in case you still experience this issue! 

4 years 22 days ago

What a bugfest Neocore. My lvl 70 pysker is trapped in the new "sector". Everytime I try to leave, it crashes the game. I tried my lvl 70 assassin, but now there is no new "sector" on the star map to travel to. This is a disgrace. You should all be ashamed of this crapfest.