King Arthur: Legion IX -

Meet the Centurion


King Arthur: Legion IX is an upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG set in the world of our previous similar game, King Arthur: Knight's Tale. You play as Gaius Julius Mento on Avalon in a quest to establish Nova Roma and gather the long lost members of Legion IX. 

During his travels, our protagonist will attempt to gather more members for his Legion. These undead have various skills and personalities, and they contribute to the story with varying degrees. Today we're introducing somebody who is not critical to the story, but will be an invaluable member of the combat party.

Sulla is attempting to send an entire centuria to aid Gaius, but only their Centurion manages to emerge. The brave commander will introduce himself as Gavius Messala, a member of the Ninth Legion.

He is a true warrior, a soldier of conviction, discipline, loyalty and duty. His undead appearance hides a middle-aged man with a calm, attentive demeanor. He possesses incredible otherwordly powers, moving around quickly in an ethereal form or creating ghostly copies of himself. He will surely make some of the toughest battlest a bit easier!

If you are looking forward to Legion IX, make sure to wishlist it on Steam. Until then, you can try the many new additions to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, such as the Patch 2.0 overhaul or the new seasonal update, Rising Eclipse. You can also look forward to the console release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale on February 22, just see the preorder FAQ if you have any questions!

Forward to Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Meet the Centurion
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