King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Tips and Tricks for Act I


The release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is approaching fast. However, you can already try Early Access version on Steam to get the hang of the game.

Today we're going to dive deep into Act I of the story campaign and we're going to share some general advice on how to play through it more effectively. It's not a walkthrough or anything serious, rather a bit longer version of loading screen hints.

It's highly recommended to equip two potions on each of your heroes before starting a new mission, especially on higher difficulties. Potions can be purchased at the Merchant's store or can be looted from chests throughout missions. So be sure to equip two for everyone and try to experiment which type of potions are the best for each character. You might think equipping  two Health Potions would be the obvious choice, but sometimes that extra armor or damage could help tremendously.

Don't forget to use Vacant Titles with your heroes in unlocked Camelot buildings. It's a step that you might accidentally skip while being busy managing your heroes in-between missions. All these titles give small buffs to that particular building and its effects, but all the small upgrades and unlocks, including Vacant Titles add up very quickly.

Be sure to carefully explore all maps in their entirety. You never know which corner hides an NPC with some neat rewards, a chest with an item upgrade, some lore tidbits, strange orbs, or simply just more resources.

The "Summon Lost" ability of Isolde's Necklace - a Relic item you'll find early on during your journey - can turn the tide of tough battles really quickly. Equip the item on any character and you'll be able to summon a Lost minion for the duration of one encounter per map. So it might worth holding the summoning spell for the hardest encounters.

Very early on, while leveling up your heroes, it might worth sticking to one element (fire, poison, etc.) and choose skills that further upgrade that chosen one. Equip the appropriate weapon or armor with stats that further boost that type of damage or element and you'll be more than fine for the time being. A group of heroes where you can find masters of fire, poison, freezing and so on can be extremely powerful as you'll explore Avalon in further Acts.

The Round Table building is one of the most important buildings in Camelot, but it also has the most expensive upgrades that sometimes cost thousands of gold and building resources. Still, it is recommended to save some coins for these, since unlocking Laws or Decrees early on will give you a great tactical foundation to your campaign with a lot of advantages.

If an encounter on any mission gives you a headache, try to explore the map a bit in other directions. You might bump into a shrine that gives you some buffs, a campfire that heals your heroes, or something else that might help you. Sometimes triggering the encounter from a different direction can change the dynamic and the difficulty of the battle fairly quickly. If it is an optional encounter and you're out of ideas, there's no shame in skipping it.

You might want to keep certain powerful items in your inventory for specific maps, there's space in your stash after all. For instance, the RNG gods can smile upon you by giving you a lot of cool items that are good against the Lost faction for instance, but of course, not all maps in Act I are Lost themed. So if you're having issues with the difficulty level, be sure to switch gear regularly and experiment with skill and gear combinations that might help against one particular faction or encounter.

Hope these help a bit whether you're a veteran trying your luck on tougher difficulties or a new player who never set foot on Avalon yet. See you in Avalon very soon!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Tips and Tricks for Act I
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