Intel Missions


Every time I start in intel mission its in the same system, always the Phaera system....Cant change oder influence that.

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Intel Missions
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93 days ago
Apparently Intel mission appear only in the system with the highest available difficulty, which IMO is really sad. Shouldn't the Inquisitor go wherever (s)he's needed? Looks like suddenly all the other systems have no problems or no Imperial intelligence to provide intel. :/

That's what it feels like, but there's also a more mundane aspect - rewards and farming.

I've already gathered nearly 4k influence in the Phaera system and I've gathered more glory then needed to max the weekly counter. That already makes two rewards useless. I'll hit lvl 100 quite soon, and then ordos repos - that will make two more rewards useless. Meanwhile there are so many systems where I have almost no influence and intel missions would be great to address that :/