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Vox is back on in the new update in the PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, with many new social improvements, making it easier for you to connect to other players and organizing play sessions. 

New General Chat

You will be connected automatically in your preferred region on the hub in a chat room with a 100 player limit. If there are more players, a new room will be opened. Players will leave general chat automatically when going into battle, or when quitting. Automatic joining can be turned off under the Chat Settings menu.

Chat Channels

You can create your own chat channels. Each of them have a limit of 100 players, and one player can be in 5 channels at the same time. You can only own one active channel.

Channel search can be accessed with the Channels button near the chat button.

You can Browse all channels, click to see more information, and you can request for joining. Public rooms don't require approval of join request. You can also customize how Joined channels appear. You can also customize your own Channel any time (setting privacy, name, description, kick and ban players).

Private channels can be joined via invitation.


You can now create a "Recruitment" under the Social tab, where you can state your intent about the game, set Power Rating and Inquisitorial rank, and you can select which type of missions you'd like to play with others. You can search other players' recruitment requests and join whichever you prefer.

Neocore Account Linking

You can now link your Neocore Account, and you'll even receive a reward (Meme Virus) for doing so. This can be accessed in the main menu as well.

Other Social Improvements

  • Added shortcut keys on the social panel for inviting, adding friends, accepting/refusing friend requests
  • Added extra buttons on the party frame for faster party assembly
  • Expanded player info with Steam profile picture, last used character, Steam profile link
  • Redesigned context menu
  • Redesigned Mailbox
  • Redesigned Matchmaking Window

Bug Fixes

Of course, this update comes with several bug fixes and balancing improvements as well. Read the full patch log here, and tell us what you think!

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Inquisitor - Martyr Social Update
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3 years 23 days ago
REALLY? Oh Yeah that would be so useful!

Perhaps (if it doesn't take too much work) there could be some more areas to play through... 


> Through the tunnels of some Under-hive.

> In a Titan Foundry/Manufactorum [sorry if spelt wrong (¦-D)] on some Mechanicum Forge World.

> In an Imperial Church on a shrine world.

> Or in some Imperial Habitation complex.

I understand if all of the above is too much & or would be too expensive just as an add on/up date, just thought I'd make the sugestion as I was here. lol

PS thanks for an awesome 40K game... ( It's about time a Games Workshop game was done for the xbox one. And not get cancelled or announced for all platforms & then not released on what was announced.  NOT NAMING ANY NAMES..... 


Erm yeah I'll shut up now as I'll go on & on.

Thank You for reading..... DeZuza

3 years 23 days ago

$60 dollar top down game.  Should have only been $25.

3 years 33 days ago
This is something others requested to so maybe it will be a thing in the future! Thank you for your feedback!
3 years 35 days ago

I'd love some kind of equipment/weapon sharing..... A Cabal all player stasis locker/casket. Or a player to player trading-post.



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3 years 36 days ago
Game constantly crashes ( thanks to the always online bs, it puts u back to the title screen, just to reload the game) 

Like most people, im already done with this shit!!!!!

Never gonna buy a neocore game again, thanks for nothing!!!!!!

3 years 37 days ago
3 years 37 days ago
Hey, it should be available right now!
3 years 37 days ago
I bought the game for my xbox1 yesterday, played it fine, even went out for a couple of hours, came back, swapped users, all no problems. Today I have tried to play it and it has come up saying I need to update the game, but there are no updates available! The game looks amazing, but am now wondering if I have wasted my money!
3 years 37 days ago
Game won't start after update,, this is not acceptable , first the poor matchmaking system and now that!!!!

( if there's a certain timeframe, the update needs to be implemented, please give us players a time schedule, as any other online game does.

3 years 37 days ago
I bought
3 years 37 days ago
Updated, but it does't works. The game does not start (XBOX One).....2,8 GB Update and nothing happens....nice job!
3 years 37 days ago
3 years 37 days ago
For Xbox One. I downloaded the update, but now my game won't start. It says the patch needs to be applied. Anybody else having this problem? What can I do to fix it?
3 years 37 days ago

would love to play the new update, only for xbox1 so far it keeps saying I haven’t updated it when I did, come on what’s going on with this!?!?

3 years 38 days ago
Don't know about a chat update perhaps you lot could sort out your servers I have been able to play the game two or three times since I bought it (xbox version) all the other times I have tried to I get a cannot connect to neocore servers seriously a game that clearly states on the packaging internet required the least I would expect would that your hardware is up to the task and allows people to access the game when they want at this point in time I think I've wasted £50 what's the point in having a game that you do not let people play 
3 years 39 days ago
Good job ! nice to see chat upgrade :D