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Prepare yourselves, for our newest update for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is coming very soon, namely: offline mode! We have been talking about this for a while, and we are finally very close to release. So, we're here to answer some burning questions:

What is the offline mode update?

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr currently requires players to be connected online all the time. We are introducing a new game mode for people who prefer to play without having to connect to the internet.

When will this update be released?

May 23, 2024.

Do we need to purchase anything for this game mode?

No, it's a free patch.

How is offline mode being implemented?

Offline mode will be introduced as a separate game mode. You can choose an online and offline mode at the start of the game.

What is online mode in this context?

Online mode refers to the game as it was before this update, so if you don't want anything to change, you can keep playing in this mode with your existing characters and participate in the Seasonal Journey and leaderboards.

What will happen to our current progress and characters? Are the characters transferable between modes?

You can keep playing with your characters in online mode and you keep your progress. However, a transfer between modes will not be possible. Offline characters are handled separately in your new offline account, you must create a new character if you wish to play in offline mode.

How is offline mode different to online mode?

Simply, you don't need to be online to play. In turn, all online features are disabled in this mode, such as seasonal content, multiplayer, leaderboards and social features. Otherwise, you can play through the entire game and its DLC content offline.

If you want to play without having to worry about connectivity, choose offline mode, otherwise, keep playing in online mode to access every online feature as well.

Does this new update indicate that support for Martyr is over?

We're not at the end of the line. In fact, a new Hierophant Class DLC will be released in the near future. You'll assume the role of an Inquisitor who can call in multiple acolytes to form a squad. You'll have to use your faith and authority to inspire your acolytes to carry out the Emperor's will and and teach the Imperium's truth to all the heretics in the Caligari Sector.

Expect to learn more about the future of Martyr later this year! As always:


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Inquisitor - Martyr: Offline Mode FAQ
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14 days ago

Seasons are more spread out than they were on PC, so you should still be good to go to start Season of Judgement now, before the updates kick in.

15 days ago
Tanks for answer. Do you know how long the actual season on consoles last? Is it still worth to start?
15 days ago
Hiii! Can't tell you the exact time yet, but we will bring offline mode to consoles as well later this year! 
16 days ago
Hey there, when the update is coming to xbox??
23 days ago
Gracias por contestar!!   Ojalá llegue  para que perdure indefinidamente en el tiempo este juegazo en mi Ps4.  
23 days ago

Hola, aún no puedo confirmarlo oficialmente, pero es algo que nos gustaría hacer en el futuro.

26 days ago
Hola,,, se sabe si este modo offline llegará también a PS4?  Y si es así...cuándo llegará?   Gracias 
52 days ago

How do I create a desktop shortcut to run wh40k inquisitor in offline mode?

52 days ago

How do I create a desktop shortcut to run wh40k inquisitor in offline mode?

64 days ago
Auch für die playstation 4??? 
66 days ago
que hermosa noticia la que acabamos de recibir
68 days ago
This is great news. After "The Crew" and other examples of shady publishers being happy with games becoming completely unplayable forever, it's great to see you guys aren't like that!