I love this game!! I LOVE IT!


I am a late comer to the Neocore fandom, having truly discovered your awesome studio upon purchasing the full Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor package on Steam. I immediately fell in love with that game, I've already played so many hours I think my partner is considering holding an intervention, or possibly suing Neocore.

I put Van Helsing: Final Cut on my Steam wishlist almost immediately afterwards when I saw people saying that it was similar to Inquisitor, some positively so, some saying it was too similar. Given that I had already become totally hooked on the Inquisitor experience, every aspect of the game is just perfect for my tastes (give me more grind! MORE GRIND!) I just had to see what all the talk was about and put it on my otherwise empty Wishlist.

I am LOVING Final Cut! It's so awesome! The people saying it was too similar to Inquisitor, or vice versa, clearly aren't paying attention. The two games are similar in all the right ways, but unique in their own aspects so that neither experience feels like a repeat of the other.

I have become an evangelical of the Neocore religion, and I think my gaming friends might be getting tired of my proselytizing. I am unrepentant, I will continue to preach the Gospel of Neocore and spread the Good Gaming News until everyone I know is as dedicated as I am to throwing as much of their expendable time into playing these games as I am.

Thank you so much, Neocore! You have given me gifts that keep on giving, and at prices that couldn't be beat given the massive volume of content I have gotten with each bundle I have purchased. I really, really appreciate the work you're doing and hope you continue to churn out the titles that put the AAA dev houses and their backward gazing styles in their place. The little guy doesn't carry the burden of past success holding them down like so many others (looking at you, Blizzard and Bethesda). The quality you produce for prices that cannot be beat shows that being hungry for recognition is worth more than any billion dollar technology mogul when it comes to making amazing product that is both art and entertainment in its own right.

I'm spending my money on your products and still feel like I owe you something for the delight you bring to my world. Keep it up, you folks show the industry how it should be done!

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I love this game!! I LOVE IT!
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1 year 222 days ago
I'm aware of the chronology of releases, I was only referring to the many, many comments I've seen on Steam insisting that Inquisitor is "just a reskin of Van Helsing" and...no. Yeah, the similarities are clear, as one would expect with an updated version of the engine used for the original franchise, but there are many major differences that make the two games often wildly different experiences.

Inquisitor is a lot more Grim Dawn in the grimdark where Van Helsing is much more story driven and sticks to more traditional RPG elements. Inquisitor very much commits to the A in ARPG first and foremost, and that's what makes it so fun. The writing is awesome, as is usually the case with Neocore games, but it's entirely secondary to the relentless gore fest.

I'd also totally agree that without VH there'd be no Inquisitor. Part of what makes Neocore one of my favorite game producers is the fact they listen to fans, and know to learn from both their mistakes and successes. They then build upon those lessons in a way that keeps delivering even better products that retain the wit and relentless pacing that set them apart from the AAA clone factories churning out too many barely distinguishable cash grab sequels every year.

1 year 222 days ago
Van Helsing games came out WAY before Inquisitor, so therefore Inquisitor is like Van Helsing and not the other way around.  I honestly don't think Inquisitor would exist if not for the popularity of VH:FC.