Health regen.


So first off ill start by saying that I'm liking the new update.

things looks a lot nicer and a lot less choppy.

that being said I have 1 thing that I'm STILL not a fan of and that's HEALTH REGEN.

Why oh WHY is enemy health regen so bloody fast!!!

I'm shooting an ogryn and while I'm doing that its health Is regenerating quicker than I can kill it.

"oh but john that just means that your weapons are crap" well normally id agree with you but to be wasted in the starting area by a mob THE START AREA NOT FURTHER IN THE BLOODY START because the enemies health is regenerating too quick.

I'm not saying that it needs to be removed at all as it fits with the whole Nurgle vibe but what I am saying is that maybe it could be dialled back a bit?

or even just solely for daemons.

Either way I personally think that this needs sorting out sharpish.

If you say that the regen Is that quick because of their allegiance to Nurgle then show that with the enemies otherwise there's no need for normal run of the mill enemies to regen THAT quickly.

Also ( I know I've written about this before) getting wasted in the START area by mobs of enemies with no escape is just plain in-fun.

Still loving the game and looking forward to the release date.

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Health regen.
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6 years 144 days ago
While that does sound interesting and could actually be pretty fun I don't think that will solve the problem.

The main problem will still be obnoxious health regen.

there's a time and place for it, maybe boss fights, that'd make sense.

Tanks, Dreadnaughts, Defilers & Ogryns don't need it.

Its artificially making the game harder.

Short of a Leman Russ battle tank literally dripping with Nurgles gifts no tank should have regen and especially that fast.

You're right though, it doesn't need removing from the game entirely, maybe like in Diablo 3 (or even Van Hellsing) a mob could have certain enemies in it that have a regenerating aura (or other effects) or in the case of the Plague Bearer it coud kick out a bubble of healing?

That way you could alleviate the ridiculous regen by killing the Plague Bearer first thereby negating the healing the other enemies are getting.

6 years 144 days ago
Instead of completely removing it.  How about turning it into a positive aspect ?  You could begin by having more diversity on item effects which could lead into nuanced and or unique builds ?

I.E. - Grenades/shields/weapon critical boosting/Psycher tomes/"insert new item type here" with the example effect for Melee lets say to emit a pulse on a 10-15 second CD that would interrupt that health regen for everything within say 10 meters for 5 seconds. This way you should have more than enough time to hammer something for a good chunk of health before it heals completely. Then with additional CD reduction gear i am sure you could make this into a beast of a build.

Let me say i am NOT trying to propose or be an advocate of the BIS (best in slot) itemization route so many game companies follow. I believe that if a system is fun it should have builds that with the proper time and effort whomp almost everything. That does not make a broken gear system. As long as you make sure that even a really solid build has some aspect/mob/effect/damage type it is still susceptible to and or weak against then i think that is fine for any game.

I am not saying this would fix it, i am merely trying to show that every time something is NOT fun you do not have to hit it with a BAN-hammer. And in my previous example i am sure that you could then adjust the numbers accordingly to help the said effect not break game play.

6 years 145 days ago
As a psyker I just use my special time freeze skill and pick em off one by one. But even if I do manage to kill them the health regen is insane. Though placing an Apostle of Nurgle next to a Nurgle Hellbrute both spawning in extra demons is my main gripe atm. Ogryns are easy as they just regen.
6 years 148 days ago
I'm totally with you. 

under certain circumstances high health regen would make sense.

maybe on certain levels the chaos gods grant the enemy boons. for Nurgle health or health regen, Khorne higher damage, Slannesh would be speed and Tzeench maybe warp resistance but to have things like Dreadnaughts or Ogryns regen'ing health at an obnoxious rate (even while under attack) is daft.

again, if regen is going to be a thing make it certain units that make sense don't just add it o artificially make the game harder.

we all want a challenging game but if you make it too tough then no one will want to bother.

I mean come on, I couldn't get out of the start area as id been mobbed. I eventually managed to kill everything but the commanders and the Ogryns but I jus couldn't kill them fast enough.

I don't know what Neocore was thinking when they'd  changed this but its a change for the worse.

Again, I don't want a game that I can just breeze through like Diablo 3 (loved 1 and 2 hated 3) I want a game that is a challenge but also rewarding.

it'll keep players around longer.

6 years 148 days ago
the health regen sort of makes sense seeing as its Nurgle but I still think its ridiculously fast.

it'd make more sense if the enemy that had regen didn't do it in such an obnoxious way, like maybe while you're fighting a plague bearer limbs start getting blown off and as it regens it grows new limbs but to have it on things like Ogryns or sentinels is just dumb.

I don't think that having to have a skill to negate the problem is right.

I personally think that it should be removed all together or if not it should be dialled right back and as I said before enemy health regenerating even while they're taking damage is just stupid.

6 years 148 days ago
There is a passive skill to prevent monsters from healing, but it requires to set a burn effect on it. Though it doesn't prevent regent from standing in the green gas.

So not everybody can do it and you can't ask everybdy to be able to do it as it requires an adequate weapon and to invest a few points to unlock the passive.

When you play as a 4-player party, you can ask for one player to be able to stop regen.

But regen is not high enough to need it as it is far lower than dps from 4 players.

They need to reduce regen when solo and increase it at 4 (maybe 3?) players (maybe only for some bosses?) to create a group synergy.

6 years 149 days ago
Having 2 or more leveled map, such a underground complex or, well, the same above ground would be certainly nice. The bug - not so much...

High HP regeneration would be a legitimate way of monster scaling, most weapons actually doesn't change raw damage value, just affixes and PL. If it happens on similar PL as yours, perhaps it's a balancing mistake, and then it should be fixed. If the map PL is significantly higher, then it's a good way to show you shouldn't be there. 

I was playing some +400PL maps, where almost everything regenerated more than I could inflict damage. At +300, situation was bit better, I could even kill something - but I still shouldn't be there. It wasn't just HARD, it was too time consuming and probably wouldn't be worth the effort, presumably I did finish it and didn't die.

Perhaps worth mentioning is that Diablo 2 had 'prevents monster heal' affix, dealing with this effect.

6 years 149 days ago
I also agree with you that I wont be recommending this to anyone I know unless they pull their fingers out of their arses and fix this bollocks

Another thing I've started to see is floating scenery.

the whole map looked like it was plonked on top of another map making it INFURIATING to traverse as the things I was trying to walk around weren't actually there as they were underneath the map.

on top of that there's the problem with the map.

I KEEP getting a white box where there should be a ap.

I'm going to stop playing the game now as its ruining the game for me and if it carries on like this ill not bother with it even on full release and tell anyone I know to avoid it to save disappointment.

if you cant tell I'm genuinely pissed off at the state of the game now.

6 years 149 days ago
I just had a quick blast (by quick blast I mean 5 minutes because I got so f*****g angry that this is now a thing) and tried a green level to see if I was being a dick but no.

exactly like you I got my arse handed to me by 3 Ogryns.

The most annoying thing now is that they regen EVEN WHILE THEYRE TAKING DAMAGE.

nothing should be regenerating while they're taking damage. its should be the same as the player.

there SHOULD be a delay exactly the same as us.

and its not just the Ogryns, Dreadnaughts, sentinel's, tanks, daemons and decimators all do the same thing.

they're ALL regenerating health while they're taking damage.

Seriously Neocore what are you playing at?

This close to release and this in now a thing?

I don't know why you've done this but what ever you have done UN DO IT!

6 years 149 days ago

I totally share the concern about :

- Ogryn crazy regen

- being room locked by 2 or 3  ogryn stunlockin you and being nearly unkillable (crauder 50 / 55 heure, 1470 PR). Tried both melee and range, with the same result : trashed like a whimp).

Green missions became really hard while yellow missions = no more solo.

Tried a lot of perk combination, weapons, etc ... the conclusion is : stop playing and wait for balance team to wake up and stop coke.

Precedent patch was abusive about psyker facerolling mission, even team mission.

Now it s mission facerolling my crusader, while i wasnt facerolling mission before patch.

Slider went from too much for one class being a playable armageddon, to the extreme opposite.

I had a big wall of text for the 7.3 but i need to rewrite it considering the post patch nightmare.

Crossing finger for the release ... But actually, i wont recommend the game anymore to my friends.