Failed to join match



Missions dont start in co-op. Sometimes they do start after atleast trying 20x to connect. Besides you ll get the message pop-up Failed to join match.

Out of the blue!!! This is really annoying. Is it possible to fix this? 

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Failed to join match
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147 days ago

I can't find any comments from the developers.

Is he in the process of taking measures or has no plans to fix it?

Developers, please comment if it's a known issue.

I want to enjoy multiplay..

147 days ago
Same for me and my friend last night. Tried both as season character and normal just to see if that was the issue, still the same thought.
148 days ago

My friend and I have had this problem for 2 days now.  Doesn't matter who group leader is.  We get the  "Failed to Join Match" every time we try to play a mission together.

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148 days ago
same for last 3 days, worked fine before
148 days ago

Me and my friends have been facing the same issue for 2 days. We enjoy the game in general but this is a bit annoying. There is absolutely no announcement or update or anything from the dev, community manager or what ever you guys have on steam community as well as here in the official forum. Maybe the game is so dead that you guys don't even care anymore.

The funny thing is solo mission working as normal. If you guys do not want to support co-op or multiplayer, remove it from your game. Ez and simple

148 days ago

Just had the same thing happen, also in co-op.