DLC issues on PS4


This is a follow up to my post in the Forgotten Arsenal thread under Bug Reports.

I cannot access DLC in game (PS4).  I think a link is broken somewhere as I cannot reach the store from inside the game.  When I try, I get the message "This content cannot be selected at this time".  This applies if I try using the News Feed or the Extras Console on the bridge.

I purchased Forgotten Arsenal and it doesn't show up in my game.  My lvl 63 Assassin has finished all campaign missions and has access to the Agartha sector.  I also tried "purchasing" the free cherub and it doesn't show up either.  I purchased both using the main PS Store since I cannot reach the store from inside the game.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but I am playing from a game disc and do not have PS Now.

I'd like to get DLC like Prophecy, but don't want to throw my money away if I can't access it.

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DLC issues on PS4
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174 days ago
I wasn't able to attach an image to my post, but I did send it in an email to your support email address over the weekend.

Thanks for looking into this problem.

174 days ago

Our developers will make a deeper investigation as we do not yet know why the DLC is not even displayed as purchased on our end.

If possible please attach a screenshot about the bought DLC to your original post by editing it.  Thank you in advance!

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177 days ago
I have both showing as "installed" when I view them in my Library.  As I mentioned, I purchased them through the main PS4 Store and not in game as I cannot buy anything in game.  

I think the problem is that the PS Store is not communicating with the game.

177 days ago
According to our backend data you do not own this particular DLC.

Could you please re-check if you properly downloaded and installed the DLC?