DLC doesn't show in game.


I already buy Complete Collection on steam, but I can't find Fortress of the Valorous Heart in game.


Here is my steam ID: 76561198141200377.

Is this because I didn't install "Martyr"? I only install and play "Prophecy".

I already unlock Triglav Subsector, or should I finish some missions first?

I am a LV 66 crusader, here is my starmap. I can't see Fortress of the Valorous Heart in special locations.


I don't know why the DLC page shows like that, does it mean I don't have that DLC so I have to buy it by fate points?

But I already buy all DLCs.

I think my problem is like this one : https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/hollow-bliss-dlc-problem

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DLC doesn't show in game.
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37 days ago

Problem solved.

When I run Matyr, all DLCs are detected.