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I think it could be very helpful if a list would be added to check what attributes can be the result when I want to reroll a stat.

For example, when I decide to reroll extra heat damage on an item, I don't have any clue what can be the result.

This is particularly true at legendary attributes.

And one more thing!
When I compare items to each other, I always see the incremented item level if I put something in the sockets. It could help a lot when I find a new item, if I could somehow hide/disable the value of the socketed shards/psalms, and I could only see the base itemlevels. Now, if I want to check the base itemlevels (without the socketed shards/psalms), I must unsocket everything from the item.
Or maybe is there a button combination for it? I play on Xbox Series X.

I think about something like in Diablo 3:

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Crafting suggestion
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1 year 97 days ago
yay, looking forward to it!
1 year 98 days ago

We are planning to create such a list for the reroll function. That will probably be implemented later this year.