[bug or not?] event mission / scourge of lacaon



Not sure if this is a bug, or not.

This morning, i did 3 missions (on approx 15) that seemed to be 'scourge of lacaon' ones.

There were skulls ont the map, in addition to the objectives.

Each skull = 1 massive patrol.

I took the time to clear all the monstrous patrols (marked with skull on map) before doing main objectives.

I was on solo mode.

In the end, i did'nt get the 5 points for the validation of the 'scourge of lacaon mission', if it was.

I received only 1 point for each of the 3 missions with skulls on radar.

Account name = tontonub

Is it intended ?

Thank you

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[bug or not?] event mission / scourge of lacaon
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6 years 24 days ago
It would ofc be nice to have this cound that way.

But my guess is simply, that these big groups are a added difficulty (and more mobs to kill, ARPG, you know...^^), like the "taint" tarot card effect that is active for all those missions.

And the skull on the map is simply a "nice thing" by the devs to make them easy to spot and prevent you from running blindly into them and getting killed. :D

6 years 25 days ago
Hell, I killed dozens of groups marked as such, was wondering what the deal was with them... never recieved any credit towards the scourge missions, either solo or co-op with cabal members.