Announcing Inquisitor - Martyr:

Seasonal Journey



Hope you all had a great holiday season, had time to play some video games and also found time to purge some heretics. Let's jump into the new year with some fresh news about Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, from the Emperor's Throne Room.

Season of Malediction will end on January 18 and this will mark the beginning of a new era on PC, more precisely on January 30. The current Season was the final one and it will be followed by something really special, called Seasonal Journey

The Seasonal Journey is the culmination of all the work of past years and all the free updates we've added to the game. This new feature will make all seven previously released Seasons available at the same time for everyone (for free of course). You'll be able to pick a Season on the character creation screen from the very first fire-centric Season of Inferno to the most recent ones and create a Seasonal character for that particular Season.

All the Seasonal features, all the Season specific items, all the unique abilities and Seasonal objectives will be in again, permanently. Joined the community at a later stage and missed one of the earlier Seasons or had a really favorite build during one of the past Seasons? Now here's the chance to experience it for the first time or to return to it once again. Check out the Compendium for more details on these Seasons!

As a reminder, the previously announced offline mode, as promised, is coming soon. The Seasonal Journey can also be considered a kind of preparation for the offline mode with all the past content made available. And the journey will definitely continue after this as we have some really cool surprises left for Martyr.

As always: 

The Emperor protects!

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Announcing Inquisitor - Martyr: Seasonal Journey
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167 days ago
it's coming to consoles as well! No specific date yet, but the last two seasons will arrive as part of the Seasonal Journey to consoles with a next update
168 days ago
What about consoles. This is insane
171 days ago

When will the other seasons be added to Xbox series x  Or consoles for that matter 

181 days ago
As someone who just started this game a few months ago it has quickly risen to the top of my favorite games of all time. I have grinded out a lvl 90 sororitas and started a character for every other class. I'm a bit sad to hear that Malediction is ending, as I am almost done with grandmaster, but I won't be able to finish it before the server goes down for maintenance. With that said, is the game going to be accessible between now and the 30th? I can't imagine the update is going to take it down for two weeks, at least I reallyyyy hope that isn't the case.

On a side note, I know there's no chance of this being answered here, but is there a sequel or spiritual successor for this game planned? I really hope so, as this game is by far more intriguing and captivating than any of the Diablos, Path of Exile, or other games in this genre. The complexity and sheer number of builds for every class is just amazing, I'd hate to see this relegated to history as a single game. 

Thanks for all of the fun! I hope the devs aren't working too hard, I know how much time and energy it takes to transition from a test environment to deployment. The software I work on isn't nearly as fun as this, but it's necessary and saves peoples' lives, so I shouldn't be denigrating it in such a way. 

186 days ago
Offline mode is nice but....

-will we be able to make as many chars as we want in it or it will still be limited to 8?

-what about story skip? as i remember each season started with fresh so now when we will have all will we need to do the story each time we make a char on different season (for example making different char for each season)?

-what about unlocks/reputation/crafting. Will we need to unlock all multiple times (like above) or it will carry over to other seasons?

-what about shared stash ? different for each seasonal char or one for whole account

-can we buy/upgrade our stashes for more space if its going offline ? it would be great as we wont take more server space just our hard drive space

-what about coop/multiplayer? will it be hosted by players on theyre pc or multiplier server will still be on? As i assume this update marks the end of support for the game ( there are some achievments for multiplayer on steam and i think consoel also)

- will newer classes like tech adept and sororitas have season specific items dropped for them from the seasons before they came out ?

-how cabals will work in offline mode (some of us for example didnt find a cabal to fit in by being too casual for active ones and grinded theyre own cabals solo. Well we lose all the progress?)

those are the questions i can think of for now but other players may have more of them

187 days ago
187 days ago
Great news and offline mode coming is amazing. It will allow the game to be played long after online support has gone. I wish offline mode for games that can/or could support it would be mandatory actually for consumers. Really sucks to lose access to a game completely one day but glad and I mean I am really glad this game won't have that issue one day!!! :D :D :D
187 days ago
U sure care about the community. The fact to have the offline mode, everything that have been released in the past, available is really SOMETHING!  Thx so much 
187 days ago
It would have been cooler to have the option of combing all the seasonal mechanics, fights, bosses and loot into one. The interactions would be way cooler and more fun that this. There were some unique enemies and fights in the previous seasons and having to go through individual seasons to experience them again is just meh.

Allow the option to enable combined seasonal content (including on existing characters), for extra fun and challenge. The ultimate content for the game.  How fun would it be to fight a Soul Grinder while bombarded by a pair of Nurgle Blight Haulers? You can't tell me you wouldn't like to try that...