XBOX ONE X - GRIM HARVEST Mission - not a fun in any way.


Until this mission game was a game. Sometimes hard, sometimes too easy. At last I can choose difficulty. But this mission is a disaster even on story mode. So, I ask you to modify mission parameters, so it will not stop any "normal, average, casual" player from playing this game.

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XBOX ONE X - GRIM HARVEST Mission - not a fun in any way.
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4 years 82 days ago
On XBOX you need to be PR900 to start Season 1.
4 years 83 days ago

So ... PR 978 entering subsector 2 doing the dark elder missions?  I mean ... how can you even start the missions in the first place?

I really think I am missing something ... which mission are you talking about exactly? "Grim Harvest" is a mission in subsector 2 that you can only start when your PR is 1100+.  Are you referring to a mission in the subsector 1?

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4 years 83 days ago

You want the heretic easy way? 

Join a strong cabal & grinding uters tarot for relics & xp. 

Otherside, why you dont enjoy the way? play, learn enjoy. there are so many crusaders in high end content. there must be a way!

Be strong Brother!

The Emperor protects!



4 years 83 days ago
my character are crusader level 38, power rating 978. With these numbers I can kill one target after long and hard fight, after I'm done with "support troops". It is completely impossible to kill two targets in timed battle, as it exists right now. Instead following narrative, or story, if you like, I must "grind" my stats until, level 50, may be. This is not a game anymore, not for me. This is "full time job", only I do not get payed.  

4 years 84 days ago

would you please describe what are the exact difficulties you encountered in this mission? Thank you in advance!