Xbox - Achievement Glitches?


Hello, I was curious if there are some glitches regarding two different Xbox achievements.

1.) Complete 5 Priority Assignments - Stuck at 80%. I completed 2 random assignments and all the DLC priority assignments for tarot cards and cosmetics which totals around 12 I believe. Curious as to why this achievement hasn't unlocked?

2.) Kill 5 Bosses - I've completed all the main campaign, prophecy and DLC side missions and again stuck at 80%. Is there another boss I haven't encountered yet? I was under the impression completing all the campaign missions and DLC missions would unlock this achievement.

Thank you for your help!

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Xbox - Achievement Glitches?
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1 year 126 days ago
Also, just an update. I completed several more random priority assignments since my last post. Still stuck @ 80%. Thanks. 
1 year 128 days ago
Hello, thank you for the reply. I did go back in and complete some more priority assignments and nothing happened. Also, I’ve unlocked the attribute points for both of those achievements under Heroic Deeds, so the game is giving me the rewards for completion, but I’m not getting the Xbox achievements. Thanks for your help. 
1 year 129 days ago
1.) We are not aware of any existing problem related to this achievement but it would be best to complete a random Priority Assignment from start to finish and check back on your counter. Please let me know here in a reply if you succeeded or not.

2.) There are a couple of boss type enemies in Void Crusades, for example in the Azure and Violet VCs. You can encounter them in one of the Supreme missions!