Xbox Achievement Efficient Operative NOT Unlocking


Selected a random assignment from Remigus and chose Impossible (+5) for the difficulty. Completed 2 Priority Assignments back to back on my highest character (jester71176) and the achievement did not unlock!

Logged out and logged in still no unlock.

Logged in on a different Xbox still no unlock.

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Xbox Achievement Efficient Operative NOT Unlocking
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183 days ago
We fixed the issue in the internal build and will release a patch within a week to resolve the problem. We would like to ask your patience until then.
188 days ago

Same here on PS4, I did a few random assignent on +5, both solo and with a friend, and the trophy never poped...
Thanks in advance for helping !

359 days ago

I already notified our developers about the problem after your post on our official Steam forum and added your ingame account name to them so they can investigate the matter. Your patience is kindly asked in the following period as our hands are a little full at the moment with other things but I can assure you that we will double-check this achievement shortly!

363 days ago
This bug exists on PC as well, tried again after this week's patch, still not working as of 2020/09/18. Really would like this fixed as I am at 75/76 Steam achievements, and I should have all of them! Have tried this many times, no luck.
1 year 254 days ago
We will check whether the achievement unlocks properly on our end. Thanks!