Whirlwind of Retribution ending randomly


The 4th skill on Bolt Pistol & Chainsword for the Sororitas class ends prematurely and sometimes randomly before running out of ammo. I have tested with keyboard and assigning it to multiple buttons on my controller to make sure it isn't a faulty key.  Bumping into any terrain, enemies, walls will sometimes end the channeled skill before I let go of the button.  This can be replicated VERY consistently by moving into corners, or over certain raised terrain.  This is quite frustrating since the ability has a significant cooldown.   The spinning move on the greatsword does not seem to suffer from the same problem, though I have spent much less time using that.

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Whirlwind of Retribution ending randomly
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288 days ago
Noted, thank you. I'll forward it for internal testing.

Will keep you updated, Cheers!