WHen is PC hotfix coming?


I stopped playing Martyr since tarot cards dont drop at all for Tech Adept and so many things are buged. Any info on when roughly patch is coming to fix at least big issues with this game? We are in silence for some time now.

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WHen is PC hotfix coming?
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270 days ago
Yea I can only imagine how much work you have. Thanks on replay.
272 days ago
Yes, I can confirm this issue, it is still in the works on our end. Your patience is kindly asked until we fix it.
272 days ago

Great, construct kills count for ancient relics now among other changes. So happy.

But did few intel missions on Tech Adept with venom card and not a single tarot or empyrean seal droped. Switched on crusader and very first gave 4 tarots and 3 seals from mob drops.

I would say like 99% of kills is from constructs. Could this be issue why they dont drop? Or something with loot pool and Tech Adept?

Just to add I am using 3 kastelan robots and 2 groups of vivisectors.

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272 days ago
You can expect a patch shortly (maybe today but cannot confirm that).
273 days ago
I think, that i collectet one tarot card with the Adept yesterday....but I'm not sure...it could also have happend with the psyker.