WH40K Inquisitor unplayable due to constant load screen crashes



I've just recently reinstalled this game (WH40K Inquisitor Martyr) and I cannot progress the story past "The Martyr Chapter 3 - The Noosphere cogitator". When I try to load the mission, the bar gets to the end of the load and the game crashes. I am returned to the Xbox Menu screen and have to reload the game. This also happens for several side missions too, but the main questline crashing is too much of a frustration for me!

I've tried restarting the console and going off to do different side quests, then coming back to it, but nothing seems to work.

I've looked about and, while I cannot find a way to verify the files (as it's on Xbox one) I am very reluctant to delete my save game files to fix this.

Game software version: V2.0.1.6

Xbox One O.S version: 10.0.22000.1759

Any help please?

Many thanks in advance,


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WH40K Inquisitor unplayable due to constant load screen crashes
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175 days ago
If I can jump on this is happening/has been occurring for as long as this game has been on console on and off. NOW though it has become nonstop (I made a post 2 months ago and another earlier today) I can not complete a single mission because the game crashes every single time. No void crusades, no priority missions, not intels, not even story. 

If you want to test it out on your end I will gladly show you live on twitch as it happens! Twitch.tv/finster_faust some of my followers clipped the crash after crash. 

287 days ago
May I ask which character of yours got stuck in the campaign? We would like to borrow it to test the problem.

Moreover, can you tell us if you experience any problem with any of your other characters?