WH40K Inquisitor Martyr-Xbox1-Chapter 2-Duplicate Blueprints


I noticed when buying blueprints after the Chapter 2 patch, from Ragna Van Winter, that I was able to accidentally buy a duplicate blueprint for the inoculator AND learn it. Instead of being flagged with a red "X" like I feel it should have been...

So now in my crafting menu list I have a duplicate entry for the inoculator, I'm out 200k credits before I realized what it let me do, and there's no discernable difference between the two entries since they're both "Artificer"/purple grade and therefore infinite uses.

Is this a know bug that's being worked on yet? Any hope of a credit reimbursement? 200k might not be much to some but that took a bit of playing and selling for me :/

Gotta be careful and double-check all my known blueprints now before pushing button on a new one, no faith in the menus flagging them correctly to prevent wasting money/time :(


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WH40K Inquisitor Martyr-Xbox1-Chapter 2-Duplicate Blueprints
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247 days ago
This bug is present on the Steam version as well as I managed to do this too lol.  I have noticed that several of the other blueprints I have aren't x'd out either.  I haven't bought them, but I felt I should mention it.
254 days ago
We compensated your loss. The Inoculator blueprint duplicate is on our to-do list, we will handle it as soon as possible!