WH40k Inquisitor Console Xbox edition needs TLC!


Dear WarHammer Dev team please do some hot-fixes / patches for Warhammer40k inquisitor Martyr Ultimate Edition on the xbox 1 and/or the series s console.. I don't know if the Playstation and pc versions are also messed up. but i must say- the game is in dire need of some quintessential basic tender loving care (TLC) Herein lies my impromptu list: 

Issues:  A.) Consumables: 

1.) Consumables are showing up as common (grey) as well as purples.. the meme viruses, extreme fortunes, survival, destruction have always been purple colors items. what the flying bolt gun happened?!?  

2.) The consumables that are supposed to last 5 missions are only lasting 1 mission.  Meme Virus for example clearly says 'bonus exp for 5 missions' then when you activate it and pull up the pause menu where it shows your current buffs it says '1 mission left'.. it does the same thing for all other consumables that are supposed to last 5 missions.   I shouldn't have to say how unbelievably frustrating it is to burn through meme viruses when leveling a character when they don't last the 5 missions it says.. if consumables are meant to only last 1 mission now, then the text needs to be congruent.

B.) co-op/multiplayer Void Crusades:  ( I say co-op because solo crusades seem to not crash)

1.) something is wrong with void crusades on the xbox console version of the game- with another player going through the crusade is FINE until the supreme mission- the game tends to crash on one persons console during supreme missions costing all parties to lose progress! One example is the bunker buster supreme mission in Ebony Crusades.. the crashes happen with any class but it seems to be more prominent with Tech Adept and his robot team. 

2.) Rubber banding due to high ping fluctuations seems to be horrendously worse particularly during critical supreme missions which cause 'rubber-band deaths' which to me is equivalent to a player getting cheated.. meaning that the player could not avoid the death due to rubber banding.  

What concerns me is that ping and rubber banding issues don't seem to be prevalent during the regular crusade missions while co-opting with another player but during the supreme which as you know is mission-uber-critical! the ping goes bananas and the player characters and monsters all look like they are dub-stepping across the map!  Holy crap- and WTF!- all that work shot to hell due to rubber-banding..  

C.)  Texture map/graphic  flicker issue

1.) This issue only seemed to show up since the switching to the new season (5-26-2023)..  it's a graphic issue dealing with the structure textures in the map in response to the Tech-Adept and his Robot murder squad.. I run the Vivisector / Vanguard / Kastalian Robot and Tarantula Turret + healing turret build and I noticed that on certain maps the activity of my bots seems to cause the polygons or skins or texture maps of the floors and other structures to flicker off and on real fast... forgive me for not speaking the current game developer jargon for 3d polygonal texture maps and I have no clue how WH40k does it's graphics.. but i just know that too much Tech-Adept robot 'OSM' (On Screen Magic) in certain maps causes major flicker issues..  So far this issue is only with the Robot-Hit-Squad and certain maps. 

Shouldn't the "ultimate" X|S version of the game be the best example of how good it can run?  

SO yeah, Please hot-fix / patch ASAP,


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WH40k Inquisitor Console Xbox edition needs TLC!
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114 days ago
Thanks for forwarding this to the dev team, and I shall attempt to capture the texture flicker effect hopefully the next time it happens.. lol
115 days ago

thank you for your valuable input. 

As for point A.2., the next console patch will contain an update in the description of the relevant consumables which will have an effect of 1 mission, but will drop in stacks of 5.

I have forwarded your reported (coop) void crusade reports to the devs. As for the graphics glitch, could you please send me a screenshot, if you are able to catch the issue in action? I've forwarded the issue for testing anyways, but a screenshot would be of tremendous help. Feel free to message me via our support chat, attaching a picture might be easier there.